10+ Free Undress AI Tools to Remove Clothes from Images [Updated List]

Tuns of AI tools have been launched in terms of removing clothes. Some are available only in web version and some AI tools have their own application version. Now You will get some fascinating AI Tools Free that are able to remove clothes in a matter of seconds. If you want to access Free Alternative Of Undress AI Tools then you will get the entire list in this post. Here we share the updated list of 10+ Free Undress AI Tools to Remove Clothes from Images which are 100% working and genuine but kindly use it with caution.

Free Undress AI Tools To Remove Clothes

Artificial Intelligence is far more dangerous than we think. Just imagine, you have photos of someone and you can take those photos without clothes ie dress remover. You can easily create nude photos with just a few clicks. The Deepfake technology is very scary if we use it for unethical purposes. But if you want to use it just for fun then you can visit these Best AI Undress Tool Websites & Apps. It turns photos into realistic-looking skin. But do not share your personal and credential information on such websites in order to avoid misuse.

10+ Free Undress AI Tools to Remove Clothes from Images [Updated List]

Top Clothes Remover AI Alternatives 2023

  • BG Eraser
  • RetouchMe
  • PornJourney
  • AIPorn
  • Nudify Online
  • Clothoff
  • Unstable Diffusion
  • Anima AI Friend
  • Genmo AI
  • AI Essay Outline Generator
  • Harpy Chat AI
  • Soulgen
  • Undress AI
  • Animegenius
  • Deepswap.ai
  • Remover ZMO AI
  • Playground AI
  • Promptchan.ai
  • Waifu XL
  • Cleanup. pictures
  • Magic Eraser
  • FakeYou AI
  • Free Anime Waifu Generator
  • Waifu Diffusion
  • Undress VIP
  • Soulgen
  • DeepSwap
  • N-u-defy Online
  • Deep N-u-de Now
  • Dream GF AI
  • Live 3D

Free AI Undress Website & App List

  1. Slazzer
  2. DeepSwap
  3. Remove BG
  4. RetouchMe.app
  5. SoulGen
  6. Promptchan.ai
  7. Remover.app
  8. Playground AI
  9. Magic Eraser
  10. Waifu XL
  11. Slazzer

10+ Free Undress AI Tools to Remove Clothes from Images

1) Soulgen

It is able to generate real girls’ images. If you have no images then you can generate images by text prompts. You can use your imagination to generate images. These are some features of the Soulgen:-


  • It is capable of generating images by text as real images.
  • After getting images, you can customize them as per your needs. You can use various styles to transform new images.
  • It generates real solutions for images.
  • This AI tool is best for creating anime and art.

2) Undress AI

Undress AI tools are an immensely popular tool among dress reviving. It leverages AI algorithms to generate stunning images and real. This app provides various features as mentioned below:-

Key Features of Undress AI;

  • The first feature of this tool is to provide a Milti-Option Interface where you get Chatpot and undressing AI options.
  • Styles are important but you will get 15 + personalize stripping styles. User can choose any of them to complete their desired image.
  • Best For – Fashion Industry and entertainment industry.

3) Animegenius

The name of the tools hints to you in crafting anime and NSFW artwork. You can generate a face like anime by uploading photos or prompts. These are some features:-

Some Fascinating Features Of AnimeGenius;

  • Text-to-Image Generation
  • Image-to-Image Transformation
  • Diverse Anime Styles
  • Animated Art Creation

This website is best for digital artists, content creators, and anime artists.

4) Deepswap.ai

This tool specializes in face swapping means you can change anyone’s face with another character. You can swap faces in Photos, videos, and GIFs. This tool is used by millions of people.

Premium Features of Deepswap.ai;

  • Unlock pro model
  • Unlimited photo uploads
  •  20 Credits per month
  •   No watermark
  •   Max video 500M
  •   AI Girl Generate and customize looks
  •   Priority Processing
  •   Max video length 10 mins
  •   Early access to new features
  •   Multiple video/photo formats support

Best Suited For => For making videos, content creators, photo editors, and fashion. 

5) Remover ZMO AI

It is designed to remove clothes and unwanted objects in photos. You can also create images. If you are a professional photographer you must use this site to make your work easy by leveraging the potential of Romover ZMO AI.

Key Features of  Remover ZMO AI;

  • Remove Unwanted Objects – You can remove unwanted objects from the images like the background, or any part of the photo.
  • It is easy to use and simple interface.
  • A guidance page will help to get the best results.

Best Suited For => Photographers, Travel Enthusiasts, and Artists and Creators

6) Playground AI

It empowers user to create cutting-edge photos for their social media post, presentations, posters, videos, logos, etc. This tool stands to stand out from other tools we have discussed so far. Mixed Image Editing is a unique feature offered by Playground AI.

Key Features of  Playground AI;

  • It is available in both versions free and paid. You can create enough content in the free version.
  • The best feature of Playgourd is mixed image editing. You just need to upload images and it will generate different images.
  • Edit your image as you want after the result.
  • It is best for professionals and amateurs. Graphic designers can use it for their work.

7) Promptchan.ai

This AI creates real and anime-style images. It runs on an advanced AI algorithm to produce user-oriented images. The best features of these AI tools amaze you. Produce high-realistic images by just following simple steps and bringing your skill to the next level.

Key Features of Promptchan.ai;

  • The feature of text-to-image is available in this AI tool.
  • It is the most advanced tool for NSFW text-to-image generators.
  • Create realistic porn through the premium version.

8) Waifu XL

It is especially for those content creators who use anime-style art images. If you are an anime lover or want to create images in anime styles then you can visit this site.

Key Features of Waifu XL;

  • It generates superior Upsamling images and you will see sharpness and clarity.
  • Waifu XL processes fast and gives you fast results with efficiency.
  • Image tagging is a feature to organize the artwork.

Best Suited For => Anime Enthusiasts and Digital Artists.

9) Cleanup. pictures

Removing objects effortlessly and creating images with text can be done easily with this AI tool. It ensures amazing quality and is able to generate higher-quality images. This Undress AI Tool is available for diverse audiences. Teams and individuals can use this tool.

Key Features of Cleanup.pictures;

  • If you want to remove any kind of object from the image then you can use the object removal feature.
  • Get the impressive higher-quality desired images.

Best Suited For:

  • Photographers

10) Magic Eraser

This also offers the same feature as above discussed. Magic Eraser tool is specialized in removing unwanted elements with ease. You can edit images in bulk and download them at once. You have to sign in to use this tool.

Key Features of Magic Eraser;

  • You do need to upload a single image and edit it. You can edit your images in bulk. You can upload up to 50 images and edit them.
  • Pro tips feature help you to get your work done fast.
  • Images should be in JPED and PNG. Other format is not supported.
  • So far, 11 million plus used this tool and got fair results.

Best Suited For:

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