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The Haryana state government and the financial department of Haryana created the online web site known as E-GRAS (Government Receipts Account System). The portal manages the manual and online collection of tax and non-tax revenues in the state. The E-GRAS system has been introduced to assist in managing all governmental services via an internet portal. This enables accountability and openness in the state of Haryana. Residents of the state of Haryana can use the services for stamping paper, authenticating payments, and more. The user needs to use the Haryana egras internet portal in order to confirm an original stamp.

Services accessible through the egras Haryana site

  • Getting the GNR
  • Verifying payment.
  • Verifying stamp
  • Verify challan
  • Pay tax.

EGRAS Haryana

The Government of Haryana’s e-Government Initiative is the Online Government Receipts Accounting System (e-GRAS). All government services in Haryana are intended to be simple to use and open to all citizens. Because it offers a variety of services, such as stamping documents and verifying challans and payments, egras is well-liked in Haryana. You can use the egras Haryana website and other resources to determine whether your stamp is authentic or not. Tax and non-tax revenue can be collected online or manually with the use of e-GRAS.

EGRAS Haryana Verify Challan

to determine the status of the challan, whether it was successful or not. In order to verify the user’s identity, the egras portal requires that they log in.

  • Follow this URL to access the eGras website gateway for the state of Haryana:
  • To access the challan option, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the GNR number, then click the “discover status” button.
  • The status will be displayed on the screen when it is generated by the system.

The Method for Verifying the Stamp

Stamp paper can be purchased online through a variety of different vendors. One option is to use the electronic stamp paper provided by the Indian government. To determine whether the document is the original or not, as well as whether or not all payments have been received. In order to complete the authentication process, the user may visit the EGRAS portal.

  • Please visit the internet portal for EGRAS Haryana.
  • To validate the stamp, use the “verify stamp” option on the webpage.
  • To move forward with the process, click the stamp number or challan number.
  • After entering the stamp number, select the view stamp paper option.
  • The details will be processed by the portal, and the information regarding the stamp will be displayed on the screen.

Generate GRN number in egras Haryana-

In the event that you forget your GRN number, generating it through the EGRAS portal is a simple process.

  • Launch the EGRAS HRY website by going to the address on your web browser.
  • To retrieve your GRN number, go to the homepage and click the “forgot GRN number” option.
  • Enter the amount paid, the date the transaction took place, and your mobile number.
  • After that, hit the button labelled “submit.”
  • The GRN number will be displayed on your screen when the page loads.

E-stamp Paper Using Portal

  • Check out the page on the egras website.
  • The “e-stamp” tab on the site can be accessed through the menu.
  • After that, you will need to enter the pertinent details and provide answers to all of the security questions.
  • Next, you will need to enter the captcha code in order to obtain the e-stamp.
  • The page makes it possible for the electronic payment process to finish off the electronic stamp process.
  • It is important to keep in mind that one can pay utilising manual techniques including bank, check, and other options.

Types of Challan Refund

EGRAS provides a total of two distinct alternatives for the challan GRN return, which are as follows:

a credit or a refund in regard to the transaction that was successfully completed the reimbursement in the event that the transaction was unsuccessful.

Refund in the Case of a Failed Transaction

In the event that the EGRAS application was unsuccessful, but the user still had cash debited from their account, the user is entitled to a refund. According to the regulations of the RBI, the user shall receive the payments within seven days of actual business. In the event that the refund is not processed successfully, the user can contact the relevant bank that processed the transaction.

Refund in accordance with a completed transaction

The user is required to adhere to specific rules in order to be eligible for a refund following the completion of a successful process. Take note that the money has already been deposited into the appropriate account at the government agency. The user is required to proceed in the following manner.

The user who is qualified should send a request letter (application) to the DDO of the relevant department.
The officer or DDO will receive the letter, read it, and then verify its contents. The division is going to validate the letter, and they are going to think about the reasons. When they are satisfied, they will provide their approval.
An electronic bill will be prepared for the return by the DDO officer using a special programme. The user’s account will be given credit for the monies once they have been transferred.


  • Is the EGRAS web portal accessible to all of the population of the country?The EGRAS portal is available to all inhabitants because it provides the bulk of the government’s services, including stamp paper, the generation or verification of challans, and the verification of payments, among other things.
  • Is it possible for me to seek a refund for services like e-stamp?Yes, users are able to submit a request for an e-stamp refund through the EGRAS site. Using the provided login credentials, one needs to log in to the website located at Click “stamp paper refund” on the homepage, and then follow the steps on the following page.
  • The number for Egras Haryana’s customer service departmentHere is the direct link to our contact page:
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