Edam Entertainment Audition 2024 for New Group, Online Registration, Requirements

EDAM Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company and record label, and Kakapo Entertainment is its parent company. EDAM is made by making the reverse keyword of MADE which indicates the intention to make a better future for the upcoming generations. The upcoming auditions of EDAM Entertainment will be in 2024. They are also recruiting new IU with a specific age limit and provide an online application. EDAM is spelled out from the reverse order of MADE which is determined to create a better world for generations to come.

Its purpose is to give a leading industry with creativity that erases the barriers of time and place. They try to realize their mission and create a beautiful world. We stand at the top of the world entertainment venture to share love and realize our aspirations. See here the complete details of Edam Entertainment Audition 2024  for New Group, Online Registration, And Requirements.

EDAM Entertainment Audition 2024

In short, EDAM Entertainment was founded by Kakao M in 2020 to guide their experienced soloist IU. Actually, the meaning of the keyword EDAM is to desire the work towards giving people a better world for future generations. In fact, the keyword EDAM is made of the reverse word of “Made”. So, we want to break the barriers coming between the generations and make a leader in the entertainment sector.

Edam Entertainment Audition

To make this a reality, our goal is to appreciate the individual over anything else. Therefore, we are here to dedicate ourselves to our aims and enrich the new world. In this article, we will share with you all the important information related to Edam Entertainment Audition 2024  for New Group, Online Registration, Requirements, and many more.

EDAM Entertainment Audition 2024 For New Group – Highlights

Article  Edam Entertainment Audition 2024 for New Group, Online Registration, Requirements
Industry Music & Entertainment
Parent Company Kkao Entertainment
Last Date Updating Soon
Application Form Click Here
Who Can Apply Girls, Boys, Male, Female
Email [email protected]
Age Limit For Audition Any, applicants under the age of 14 must obtain the consent of their legal representative
Established Year 2020
Official Website http://www.edam-ent.com/

Procedure to Apply Online for EDAM Entertainment Audition 2024

Here are the steps you can follow to apply online successfully for EDAM Entertainment Audition 2024 below:

1. Video Uploading Process

  • Singers need to send a video of singing 1K=pop song/1 pop song(Free song selection/total 2 songs).
  • Particularly for singers or actors, each video should be less than 10 min in mp4 format which is less than 50 MB in size.
  • You have to avoid uploading poor sound-quality videos.
  • There must be some speciality in video such as singing or dancing with playing an instrument.

2. Profile image uploading (acting) process

  • Your profile image should be close up/front left and right upper body image/full body image with a total of 5 images in JPG or PNG format.
  • Your photo must be original.

3. Profile image uploading (Singer)

  • Your photo must be uploaded with a front upper body image which is in the format of JPG or PNG.
  • For this, your uploaded photo must be original.
  • You need to apply through an online email address [email protected].
  • When you submit the email subject should be audition/EDAM audition/application field)singer or acting)  and name_date of birth.
  • The process of audition is like e-mail submission application material review(1st round), offline individual audition(2nd round), and successful selected candidates(final round).

Edam Entertainment Audition Requirements for Actors and Singers

  1. The video should be one K-pop song and one pop song being performed, with a total of two songs.
  2. Each movie clip should be under 10 minutes long in the format of MP4, MOV, or AVI.
  3. Your video does not have any type of distorted audio or out-of-focus.
  4. Your photo profile should be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format with the front upper body section.
  5. It is necessary to include the unedited and original photo.
  6. You can include videos of dancing and playing musical instruments which are optional.

EDAM Entertainment Audition Contact Details

  • Address: EDAM Entertainment 17, Teheran-ro 103-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
  • E-mail: [email protected]
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FAQs related to EDAM Entertainment 2024

Q.1 How to contact EDAM Entertainment by email?
Ans. You have to first report to EDAM Entertainment by email at [email protected], and request IU Charts on Twitter.

Q.2 What age must you be to try out for Edam Entertainment?
Ans. The Applicants who are underage are welcome and minors who are under 14 years old may apply but they must also submit their contact information and consent to the audition of their legal guardian.

Q.3 Can I attend an Edam Entertainment audition?
Ans. Yes, you can attend an Edam Entertainment audition but you have to submit the application documents along with the necessary supplies by completing them in the same manner as domestic applicants.

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