Dharitree Assam Land Records 2024 @revenueassam nic in ILRMS Assam Jamabandi

Dharitree Assam Land Records 2024 @revenueassam nic in ILRMS Assam Jamabandi: The digitalization of the Assam state land record has been completed and is now available online for the state’s citizens. Following the good governance initiative of the central government the Hon’ab’e Chief Minister of the Assam state started the mission Basundhara in 2017 to convert the offline land record of the Assam state digital land record online. ILRMS became one of the key operators in bringing the records into a digitalized format for the people of the state.

Obtaining the land record was India’s worst government process for the general public before digitalization. People before digitalization kept visiting the regional offices for even a single document. According to the reports thousands of land dispute cases have been pending with regional courts for over the years for clearance without clear documents. Now all the people have clear evidence of their land records. Let’s explore a bit more about the Dharitiree Assam Land Records 2024, ILRMS Assam Jamabandi @revenueassam.nic.in in this blog post.

Dharitree Assam Land Records 2024

Mission Basundhara 2.0 was launched in 2021 by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Hemant Vishva Sharma under his leadership to conceptualize the requirement of the digital land record for the development of the state. He aimed to make revenue services of the state more accessible for the general public and land owners of the state. His leadership and hard work of the teams of the revenue department and ILRMS( Integrated Land Records Management Service) came with the Dharitree(Dharitri) online portal for the citizens of Assam State.

Dharitree Assam Land Records

This portal is covered with all the land record-related information and documents. Citizens of the state now can download any records related to their land online without visiting Tahsildar or the SDM office. You now download the no objection certificate from the portal without paying any money and wasting your valuable time. Lots of other facilities are also available with this portal like the online mutation application process to maintain and keep up-to-date land records of the state. Before proceeding forward on the several topics and process of the portal we like to share highlights of Dharitree Assam Land Records 2024 in the below sections of the article.

Dharitree Assam Land Records 2024- Highlights

Blog Post Dharitree Assam Land Records 2024
  • Apply NOC on Dharitree Assam Land Records
  • Check and Apply Mutation onDharitree Assam Land Records 2024
  • Land Record Assam [email protected]
  • Online Panjeeyan & Bhunaksha on Dharitree Assam Land Records
  • Download Jamabandi Certificate@Dharitree Assam Land Records
  • ILRM Land Record Search Dharitree Assam Land Records Portal
Established by Government of Assam
Governing Body Revenue Department of the state
Operation ILRMS( Integrated Land Record Management Service)
Name of the project Vasundhara 2.0
Name of Assam Land Record Portal Dharitri Assam Land Records
Benefits Online land record and other revenue services online free
Beneficiary Citizens of the state
Assam Land Record Online 2024 Official website www.revenueassam.nic.in
Dharitree Assam Land Records Helpline number Click Here
Dharitree Assam Mobile App Download Click Here

What is the Dharitree Assam Land Record Portal?

NIC( National Informatic Center) and the Chief Minister of Assam state, who is heading the digitalization of land records of the state have decided to establish a separate department by the name of the ILRMS ( Integrated Land Records Management Service for land record digitalization. At last Dharitree Assam Land Record Portal was chosen as the name of the Assam Land Record portal.

Dharitree or Dharitri is destined to make all the revenue services of land records available digitally for the citizens of the state. The digitalization of the land recorded brought revolutionary changes in the history of India to reform the government facility for the citizens. The government also succeeded in barricading corruption in the revenue department by introducing the online portal.

The citizens of the state can avail the online facility like downloading Jamabandi, applying for mutation, NOC certificate Application online, Bhunaksha, Map of the land, ROR 1B Land Record Certificate, Panjeeyan online, NOC certificate Status, Mutation status online, etc through Dhariti Assam Land Record Portal online.

Jamabandi Certificate on Dharitree Assam Land Records

Jamabandi certificate can be downloaded from the Assam Dharitri Land Record portal. The Jamabandi Certificate of Record of Rights( ROR) is the key document of the land record of the owner. This time this land record certificate is useful for every owner of agricultural land in the state.

Citizens of the state now can download the Jamabandi Certificate of their land online from the Dharitri Assam Land Record portal anytime. The process to download the certificate of Jamabandi is given below to make the processing structure easy for the online users of the state. In case you don’t have a Laptop, Computer, or other device to download the Jmaband you can connect your nearest CSC center and get it downloaded.

State government and center government both have introduced several beneficial schemes for the farmers of the state like PM Kisan Yojana, Kisan Credit Card Scheme, Crop Insurance Scheme, Agricultural loans from various banks

Jamabandi Certificate Download on Dharitree Assam Land Records- Procedure

  1. First of all, We need to visit the official website of the official website of Revenue Department of Assam State.
  2. You can search online on Google for the Dharitri Portal or Can directly open the home page of the Dharitree Assam Land Record by clicking on the following Link=> www.revenue.assam.nic.in.
  3. Click on the Jamabandi or Record of Right tab available on the home page of the official website.
  4. You have to click on the Proceed tab and read the instruction that appears on the screen of the computer screen.
  5. Now you will be directed to the Jamabandi search page of the Dharitee Assam Land record.
  6. Select your district by clicking on the name of the district in the first step of the online process for Jamabandi.
  7.  After clicking on District the list of circles will appear on the screen of the computer. Select the circle name in which your land is located.
  8. In the third step, you have to select the name of your village or town from the given list.
  9. Now you can choose any option from the given options, Dag Number, Patta Number, Pattadar Name.
  10. Enter Dag Number and Captcha to search Assam Land Record Jamabandi on Dharitree Portal by Dag Number.
  11. If you have Patta Namber you have to enter Patta’s number and captch to search Jamabandi.
  12. You can also search Jamabandi by Pattadar’s name.
  13. Enter the Pattadar’s name or the owner’s Name in the Asames language from the given language inputs.
  14. Click on the search by selecting the name.
  15. The Jamabandi of the land record of the owner will appear on the computer screen.
  16. Now you can download the Jamabandi land record from the download option given on the screen.

Apply for NOC Petition Online Through Dharitree Assam Land Record Portal

The NOC certificate is one of the documents that is needed in various government processes. Now the citizens of the Assam state can apply for a NOC certificate online through the Dharitri online portal for the Land Record of the Assam state. All you need to attach the required information related to the NOC you want to file.

Check out the process below to apply NOC certificate online through the Dharitri Land Record portal of the Assam state

  • Click on the given link to visit the official Dharitri Portal=> www.revenueassam.nic.in
  • Click on the NOC Certificate tab on the home page of the portal.
  • On the next page, you will see two options on the computer screen.
  • The first option is to check the status of your previously applied NOC Certificate.
  • The second option is to apply for the new NOC certificate or Petition.
  • Click on the second option to apply for NOC or File a NOC Petition.
  • Fill up the application form online with the required information mentioned in the application form.
  • Enter the captcha code to authenticate and click on the submit button below.
  • You will receive the application number on your mobile number.
  • Keep the application number safe to use for your reference.

How to Apply Mutation on Dharitree Assam Land Record Portal

The mutation is the essential process to owning the land after an inheritance or purchase of the land in the state. Whenever you use your land record documents for various government or nongovernment purposes the official will ask for the mutation land records. In other words, after mutation, your name will appear in the land record documents.

Below is the process to apply for the mutation online through the Dharitree Assam Land Record Portal.

  1. Open the online portal of ILRMS Assam Land Record to apply for Mutaion online.
  2. Click on the Mutaion tab on the home page of the Dharitree Online portal for Assam Land Records.
  3. Enter the required information on the application form on the computer screen.
  4. Upload the required document in the given links
  5. Enter the captcha to authenticate and click on the Submit button.
  6. The application number will be sent to your mobile number.
  7. You can use this application as a reference number for your future requirements.

Download Dharithree Assam Moblie App to Check Land Record Online

Assam government is destined to follow the implementation of the good government initiative of the government of India. In this order, the government of the state has launched a mobile application to check IRMS Assam land records on mobile phones. The government knows that computers or laptops are not easily accessible to all the citizens of rural areas, but the smartphone is a basic device that is used in rural areas to access the internet. So now the citizens of rural areas of the state can check their land records through the ILRMS-operated Daritree Assam mobile app.

Below are the links to download the application of the Assam Dhatitree IRMS Portal.

Dharithree Assam Moblie App Download for Android mobile Click Here
Dharithree Assam Moblie App Download for iOS mobile Click Here

How to apply for Noc Extention Online On Dharitree Assam Online Land Record  Portal

Dharitri Assam land records online portal also gives the facility to apply for an extension of NOC online. This is also an important process of land recording Assam online through the IRMS online portal for land records of Assam state.

revenue assam. nic. in Dharitree is a key online portal where all the citizens will avail of all the online facilities regarding their land records in the future. Below is the Link to apply for the extension of NOC [email protected].

Apply for Extention of NOC Online Through the Dharitree Assam Portal Click Here

Search Assam Land Record by Name on Dhritree Assam Portal

Citizens of the state can check one of the essential documents of the land records, Jamabandi online through the Dharitree Assam Portal or the Dhritree Assam Mobile application. On both devices, you can download the Records also. IRMS is working too hard to upload all the documents of your land record online.

Below is the direct link to download [email protected] from the Dharitree Assam Portal.

Assam Land Record by Name on Dhritree Assam Portal Click Here

Search Assam Land Record by Dag Number on Dhritree Assam Portal

The Dag number is one of the numbers that the identification of particular land in a particular area. The IRMS Assam has given an online facility to check the land record by the Dag number also. Now you can check your property by dag number in the rural areas of the state. All the online processes are the same as we discussed above.

Check the Assam land record by Dag Number through the below link.

Assam Land Record by Dag Number on Dhritree Assam Portal Click Here

Check Land Map Online through Bhunaksha Dharitree Assam Portal

You can check the map of the land you own in the Assam state either in rural areas or in urban areas. IRLMS online portal Dharitree has the facility to check the land records online. All you need to enter the Dag number of your land to get the map of your land in any district of India. However, this facility is not accessible for all the districts of the state online.

You can check the Land map through the Bhunaksha tab on the home page of the Dharitree Assam land records portal.

Bhunaksha Land Map on Dharitree Land Records Portal Click Here
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