Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes (Sept 2023) – Free Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, Coins

Are you looking for the Kingdom code of September 2023 of Cookie Run? If yes, then you need to stay with our blog because Today we will reveal the Kingdom code of September 2023 and Free Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, Coins (Working Redeem List), and many more. Cookie Run; The Kingdom code comes every month and the new updated kingdom code for September 2023 will be revealed here.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes (Sept 2023)

Hey! Are you a user of Cookie Run? If yes then you must know about Kingdom Codes, right? Today, we are going to show you the Kingdom codes for September 2023. We all know every month kingdom codes change respectively, this happened this month as well. We are here to update you with fresh and new kingdom codes of Cookie Run of September intake 2023.

Cookie Run is a city building as well as an RPG type of game, that can be played by anyone because the concept of the game is super easy and doesn’t take time to understand. Cookie Run games sometimes require purchasing some of the items to improve your growing process and your town in the game. There are mainly two options, either you should purchase the items with real money or get the item with kingdom codes for free. So let’s see the complete information about Cookie Run Kingdom Codes for Sept 2023.

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes- Highlights

Article Name 
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes (Sept 2023)
  • Free Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, Coins
Objectives  Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes (Sept 2023)
Game Name Kingdom Codes
Month of the Kingdom Code September 2023
Items to collect  Free Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, Coins
Direct link to download  Click Here 

Why do You Need a Kingdom Code?

Well, Every game player needs to purchase items in the game to improve their game playing. The same happened with Cookie Run, here you need to purchase items with real money. Those who are students or don’t want to purchase through real money, consider redeeming codes to purchase the item.

There are some main reasons, why you need a kingdom code in September 2023: 

  1. This September intake or the season of the game cookie run, will provide top-level weapons and items.
  2. You will get top-demanded items for free.
  3. 1 or 2 characters will come up new in this September season.

Take a look at below Kingdom Codes 2023

Kingdom Codes of Cookie Run of September 2023 have not been released yet. But don’t worry take a look at expired redeem codes of 2023, which we will provide sooner. Kingdom codes are a kind of magic code from which you can purchase any item for free from the game. Did you notice the code that you are putting as a redeem code or a Kingdom code to the game actually remains around 16 words sometimes more than that as well? Suppose, FOL88NGHJAM  is a kingdom code and you will get a 2,500x Crystals reward from the mentioned code.

Are you looking for Aurora Items? Take a look below:

Kingdom Code  Reward Items 
CSERSPRTNHFGGIFT 3x Aurora Compass, Aurora Brick, Aurora Pillar
OLOSSFHNGGIFT 8x Aurora Compass
  • Aurora Compass 4x
  •  Aurora Brick 6x
  • Aurora PillarHSH 4x
RK2THDAYD3 opping Pieces 40x
  •  EXP Star Jellies 890 times ( level of 5 can be boosted)
  • Stamina Jellies 90 times
  • Aurora Compass 8x
CREBJDJGEJ  Time Jumpers 500x
  • Aurora Brick 5x
  • Aurora Compass 6x
  •  Radiant Shards 980x booster
  •  Jumpers more 50x
  • 90x Radiant Shards
  • 50x Treasure Ticket
  • 500x Topping Pieces
  • 30x EXP Star Jelly Lv. 6
  • 30x Aurora Compass
  • 80x Aurora Pack
  • 20 Aurora Pillar
  • 70x Jumpers


  • 8x 60-min Speed-up
  • 10x Treasure Ticket
  • 50x jumpers

Redeem Codes Mainly for Crystals

Redeem Code  Premium Items (Crystals)
90WELSHNACE 2000 Crystals
  • 4000 Crystals
  • 70 Tower Keys & 400 Horns
9ELHJEKSANNA 590 Crystals
490 Crystals
900 Crystals
KSUNBA0128GHO  10000 Crystals
KOMYANGHDI89NG 790 Crystals
78DOMLILKA2021  560 Crystals
780 Crystals
1000 Crystals
680 Crystals

Kingdom Code for Rainbow Cubes

Kingdom Code Reward Items 
BRAVES89RPINGGIFT90 Rainbow Cubes 300x
CRK278NDBIRTHDAYD490 800x Rainbow Cubes
2023PPLSCHOICETY90 100x Rainbow Cubes
2905SCHOICETY90 1000x Rainbow Cubes
500 Rainbow Cubes
700x Rainbow Cubes
300x Rainbow Cubes

Students have the urgency to take the redemption or kingdom code of the month because Cookie Run provides new rewards per month. If you don’t want to waste your money on the game then you should use kingdom code to take out the reward and improve your gameplay.

What are the Rewards we received from the Kingdom Code?

If you are a student and don’t want to waste your money on the game, you need to use the kingdom code to purchase the premium items. No offense, you can play the game (Cookie Run) without any purchase or taking premium items but if you want to improve your gameplay as well as want to grow your town hall faster then you should consider taking premium items. some of the examples of the reward are Free Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, Coins, and all.

Procedure to use redeem codes in Sept 2023

Follow the below steps to use redeem kingdom codes in 2023:

  1. You need to log in to the game with your player ID.
  2. After that, Visit the coupon page to enter the Kingdom code.
  3. Enter the code and receive the rewards.

Note- If you like the content and relevant information about what actually happened nowadays. You need to follow our page to get the redemption code faster than others. Thank you. 

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