Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024 Registration Online for New Season, Venue, Judges

A highly popular comedy program is aired every year on Zee Kannada television. This Championship event attracts a large number of comedians. The show’s title is “Zee Kannada Khiladigalu Championship 2024.” To participate in the audition round comedy Championship show”, people must complete a registration form. You will also learn about the show’s qualifying requirements, needed paperwork, and how to fill out the audition registration form online. Read the whole article attentively to acquire all of the facts.

Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024

The show’s name suggests that it is tied to humor. It is a well-known and popular comedy program that airs on Zee Kannada. As we all know, we are all quite busy and under much stress at work nowadays. So, to overcome the stress, we want to relax while watching comedy shows and listening to songs. People only like to watch TV if they feel tired.

Comedy Khiladigalu Audition

So, if you are familiar with the Kannada language, then you can watch this comedy show and become active after the tiredness. The people who have the talent of laughing at others by making jokes. Then, they can perform in the show. Candidates must complete the registration procedure as outlined. After the end of the audition procedure, the comedy Khiladigadu Season 6 will begin this year. Season 6 registration will begin in a few days. So, till then, you must keep up to date and be prepared to engage.

Zee Kannada Comedy Kiladigalu Season 6 Audition 2024 – Overview

 Show Name Khiladigalu Championship
Telecast On Zee Kannada
Season  6
Year  2024
Show Style Reality comedy show
Language Only Kannada
Beneficiaries The people who do comedy
Registration process Online
Official website

Documents Required  for Comedy Khiladigalu Audition

People applying to this comedy Championship show must provide several pieces of documentation in addition to the registration form. The following is a list:

  1. Certificate of Nationality
  2.  Domicile Certificate
  3. Aadhar Card No.
  4. Certificate of Age
  5.  Email Address
  6. Phone Number
  7. A three-minute video

Eligibility Criteria for Comedy Khiladigalu Championship Audition

As you may be aware, the team establishes the qualifying requirements for participation in any show. Only those applicants who meet these qualifying requirements will be able to participate in the show. Let’s go through the eligibility requirements for the Zee Kannada comedy Khiladigalu Championship 2024 audition: The candidate must be a permanent citizen of only India.

Applicants must be fluent in Kannada and can make people laugh by telling jokes. There is no upper age restriction for participating in the program. As a result, people of all ages may apply online to participate in the event.

Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024 Registration Online Process

Interested applicants who wish to apply online to participate in the show will be given instructions on how to do so by filling out the registration form on the official website. Let us examine the procedure:

  1. First, visit Zee Kannada’s official website.
  2. You will be sent to the official website’s homepage. You will be given the option of registering. Please click on this option.
  3. The show’s terms and conditions will be shown on your screen. Read all of the terms and conditions carefully before clicking the accept button.
  4. The registration form will now appear. Read the form carefully and fill out all of the required information.
  5. After that, you must submit all of the relevant paperwork as well as your comedy video.
  6. The video must be no more than 3 minutes in length.
  7. Finally, click the submit button to finish the audition registration procedure.
  8. Candidates will be chosen for the audition phase based on the submitted video.
  9. Following that, the staff notifies all applicants who have been chosen by phoning the registered cellphone number and email address.

Comedy Khiladigalu Audition Date and Venue

The candidates who complete the registration procedure will be chosen for the audition phase by the team show. Auditions will be conducted in several cities. Candidates must go to these cities to audition. Hubli, Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Bijapur, Vijayapura, and Maseru are among the cities.

Judges List for Comedy Khiladigalu 2024

The judges of the program will be fair to the people’s humor. Last year’s judges were Jaggesh, Jograj Bhat, and Rakshita Prem. Now, maybe they will assess the comedy Championship candidates again in 2024. The judges’ identities have not been disclosed. However, when the comedy auditions begin, the name of the sickness will be updated as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Who can be part of Zee Kannada Khiladigalu?
Ans. 2024 Championship? All individuals who like humor and are fluent in Kannada are encouraged to apply.

Q.2 What is the minimum age to take part in this comedy championship event?
Ans. All participants are of legal drinking age. This implies that individuals of various ages may participate in the program.

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