CMC Vellore Online Appointment for New Patient, Booking, OPD Registration & Login

One of India’s top medical hospitals, Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore, has held the lucidity and effectiveness of the online appointment process. Recognizing the need to improve patient access to healthcare, CMC Vellore implemented an online appointment booking system.

This digital platform transforms the traditional appointment scheduling procedure by offering users a quick and user-friendly interface for booking appointments with doctors and specialists. CMC Vellore Online Appointment for New Patients aspires to speed up the booking scheduling procedure, reduce waiting times, and improve the entire patient experience by embracing technology.

CMC Vellore Online Appointment Booking

Patients can now reschedule or postpone their appointments with the CMC Vellore Online Appointment process if required. This flexibility enables people to better supervise their healthcare appointments, adjusting to shifting medical needs. CMC Vellore wishes to expand the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare benefits by leveraging this digital medium, delivering patients with a streamlined and relevant experience.

The online appointment booking process streamlines the approach, decreases wait times, and makes sure that patients get the medical lookout they need as soon as possible. If you want to know all the information related to CMC Vellore Online Appointment for New Patients along with Booking Timing, OPD Registration, and Login process then you should read this article to the end.

CMC Vellore OPD Registration & Login Online

CMC Vellore’s Online Appointment Institute is a digital medium meant to make organizing meetings with physicians and specialists at Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore, a well-known healthcare organization in India, more comfortable. This online method permits patients to simply schedule medical consultations, lowering the traditional annoyances connected with appointment scheduling.

Patients can initiate the CMC Vellore Online Appointment method by utilizing the authorized CMC Vellore website or a trustworthy appointment booking outlet. They are guided by an easy-to-use interface that entitles them to deliver details, choose the selected department or product, and pick a convenient date and time for their meeting.

CMC Vellore Online Appointment for New Patient, Booking, OPD Registration & Login

This online medium delivers users with a full index of doctors, as well as their qualifications and areas of specifications, qualifying them to make the right decisions when choosing the healthcare professional with whom they plan to consult. Once the meeting is confirmed, patients will get a verification message via SMS or email with all of the directed information, such as the date, time, and place of the visit. Let’s see here in detail all the information about CMC Vellore Online Appointment 2023, Booking, New Patients OPD Registration, Login, etc.

CMC Vellore Online Appointment for Old Patient- Highlights

Hospital Name  Christian Medical College Vellore, Hospital
OPD Timing Mon-Fri: 7 AM to 9:30 PM
CMC Vellore Appointment Online Mode
Booking Registration Available Below
Official Website 
Category Online OPD Registration

eSanjeevani OPD Appointment Online Registration 

SCB Medical Online-based OPD Ticket Booking Registration

Procedure for CMC Vellore Online Appointment for New Patient

To create an online appointment at CMC Vellore Hospital, obey the actions noted down:

  1. Please visit the official website:- Start by moving to the official CMC Vellore website. You may efficiently discover it by utilizing a search engine or by proceeding straight to the URL (
  2. Find the registration section here:- On our website, examine for a reliable section or link for registration or online meetings. This section will walk you through the procedure of registering online.
  3. Make a personal account:- You may be required to make a private account to start the registration procedure. Generally, this entails delivering your basic details, such as your name, connection information, and email address. To finish this step, obey the instructions on the page.
  4. Complete the registration form:- After you’ve made an account, you’ll be asked to fill out a signup form. This form may ask for extra private information from you, such as your address, date of birth, gender, and medical record. Make sure to fill in the correct and complete information.
  5. Choose a department or specialty:- After finishing the registration form, you must choose the best department or specialty for your meeting. CMC Vellore presents a broad selection of medical favors and specialties, so pick the best alternative for your healthcare requirements.
  6. Select a date and time:- After you’ve selected a department or field, you will be shown available appointment times. Select a suitable date and time for your meeting from the choices that are suggested.
  7. Verify and get appointment details:- Once the meeting time has been set, examine your information and confirm the appointment. You will be mailed a confirmation message through email or SMS with the date, time, and place of your appointment. Create a note of or store this data for future concerns.

CMC Vellore Patient Login

The Online Appointment Booking procedure at CMC Vellore has been identified as a game changer in the healthcare industry. CMC Vellore has successfully facilitated healthcare access and enhanced patient knowledge by leveraging the potency of technology. The online platform delivers comfort by permitting patients to plan appointments at their own pace, view open time slots, and select the best physician or specialist for their requirements.

CMC Vellore Online Consultation Fees

the ‘Once-in-3-months’ fee Rs 700/-. Rs 800/-.

CMC Vellore Appointment Doctor List

  • Dr. Vinoi George David, MD, DM, FRACP.
  • Dr. Suceena Alexander, MD, DM , FASN.
  • Dr. Athul Thomas, MD, DM.
  • Dr. Sabina Yusuf, MD, DM.
  • Dr. Santosh Varughese, MD, DM, FRCP.
  • Dr. Anna T Valson, MD, DM.
  • Dr. Elenjickal Elias John, MD, DM.
  • Dr. Jeethu Joseph, MD, DM.

CMC Vellore Appointment Contact Number

Phone Number 0416-2283015
Call centre 88000338855
WhatsApp Number 9385285957
Email [email protected]
[email protected]
Address Christian Medical College Ida Scudder Road, Vellore – 632004 Tamil Nadu, India
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