Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List 2023: Assembly Election Full List Of BJP Candidates And Their Constituencies

Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List 2023: Assembly Election Full List Of BJP Candidates And Their Constituencies: Welcome readers, This list of 21 candidates is released by BJP on 17th August 2023 ( Thursday). It is for the Chhatisgarh state assembly elections that would be held later this year. If you want to know how these names are listed then we must tell you, there was a Central Election Committee meeting on 16th August 2023 (Wednesday) on the basis of which these names were listed along with constituencies. The chairman of this meeting was the party chief JP Nadda and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Ministers Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah, and other senior leaders attended this meeting. In this article, you’ll get all details about the full list of Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates 2023, the assembly election, and their Constituencies. Read the article till the end to gain full information.

Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List

Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List 2023

Candidates Name Constituency
Bhulan Singh Maravi  Premnagar
Laxmi Rajwade  Bhatgaon
Shakuntala Singh Porthe Pratappur (ST)
Ramvichar Netam Ramanujganj (ST)
 Praboj Bhin Lundra (ST)
 Mahesh Sahu Kharsia
 Harishchandra Rathia Dharamjaigarh (ST)
 Lakhanlal Dewangan Korba
 Pranav Kumar Marpachhi Marwahi (ST)
 Sarla Kosaria Saraipali (SC)
 AlkaChandrakar Khallari
 Indrakumar Sahu Abhanpur
Rohit Sahu Rajim
 Shrawan Markam Sihawa (ST)
Devlal Halwa Thakur Daundi Lohara (ST)
Vijay Baghel, MP Patan
 Vikrant Singh Khairagarh
Geeta Ghasi Sahu Khuj
Sanjeev Saha Mohla-Manpur (ST)
 Asharam Netam Kanker (ST)
 Maniram Kashyap  Bastar (ST)

Another List of BJP Candidates

Another list of candidates from the Saffron party for Lok Sabha is mentioned. They are:-

Vijay Baghel of Patan, Bhulan Singh Maravi of Premnagar, Laxmi Rajwade of Bhatgaon, Shakuntala Singh Porthe of Pratappur (ST), and Sarla Kosaria of Saraipali (SC)

Further, there are a total number of 90 seats in the assembly and there is an expectation of 69 more listed names and constituencies by BJP.

It is interesting to note that BJP won 15 out of 90 member assemblies in the year 2018 and on the other hand Congress won 68 seats. Moreover, states like Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, and Mizoram will also be polled this year later on. In this name selection, there is a separate list of 39 candidates in which Durg NP Vijay Baghel is there who is a distant nephew of chief minister Bhupesh Bhaghel and he will contest elections from the Patan assembly seat. Also, among them are women as well. So 5 of them are women for election in Madhya Pradesh including Laxmi Rajwade, Shakuntala Singh Porthe, Sarla Kosaria, Alka Chandrakar, and Geeta Ghasi Sahu. 

In Chhattisgarh, the BJP has lok sabha members that are MP Vijay Baghel from Patan, Bhulan Singh Marvari from Premnagar, Laxmi Rajwade from Bhatgaon, Shakuntala Singh Porthe from Pratappur (ST), Sarla Kosaria from Saraipali (SC), Alka Chandrakar from Khallari, Gita Ghasi Sahu from Khujji and Maniram Kashyap from Bastar (ST). Also, Vijay Baghel is BJP’s Lok Sabha member from Durg parliamentary constituency.


Readers, we are noting analytical discussion. We are sure that with our analysis you’ll be able to comprehend it better and would provide your valuable feedback or any important information in the comments. So, we start with our analysis. Firstly, we highlight the reason for the announcement of the list to be beforehand. The mission was primarily to provide more time to the candidates and we see it’s for the benefit of candidates. Now, our second analysis records the BJP party to be the first national party who declare the list of candidates.

After this, there is a discussion in the Party’s Central Election Committee (CEC) meeting over the campaigning in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Now, our third analysis would be about the next party to release the list of candidates and that was the Bahujan Samaj Party, which called out a list of 9 candidates at the beginning of this month. Among these 9 candidates, there are two sitting MLAs for the upcoming 2023 Chhattisgarh election.

If you find this article interesting, share your opinions in the comment section.

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