Bittu Bajrangi Biography, Age, Real Name, Who Is Bittu Bajrangi &am His Provocative Video

Bittu Bajrangi Biography, Age, Real Name, Who Is Bittu Bajrangi & His Provocative Video: A member of Bajrang Dal is accused of inciting communal violence in Nuh by making inflammatory remarks. On 31st July, communal riots took place in Nuh, Haryana. In this case, Bittu Bajrangi, the head of the cow vigilante group, has been arrested from Faridabad. He is also accused of committing other crimes including rioting, violence, and armed robbery. Bittu Bajrangi alias Rajkumar runs a vegetable business. Go has been running a care organization for the past three years. “People were already angry with the announcements of Monu Manesar and Bittu Bajrangi Rumors spread that Monu had come to Manesar and the violence started,” said Chaudhary Aftab, MLA of Nuh.

Six people including a home guard lost their lives in the Haryana riots and more than 70 others were injured. Agitators set fire to vehicles and caused damage to public property. Here we have provided you with all the information related to the Bittu Bajrangi Biography, Age, Real Name, Who Is Bittu Bajrangi & His Provocative Video in detail, so stay with the article till the end.

Bittu Bajrangi Biography

Bittu Bajrangi Biography- Highlights

Article  Bittu Bajrangi Biography, Age, Real Name, Who Is Bittu Bajrangi & His Provocative Video
Name Raj Kumar
Popularly known as Bittu Bajrangi
Age 35 yrs.
Hometown Faridabad, Haryana
Profession Cow Protector
Religion Hindu
Famous As Cow Protector
Twitter @BajrangiBittu
Instagram @bittubajrangi
Facebook Click Here

Who is Bittu Bajrangi?

Bittu Bajrangi is the head of the cow vigilante Bajrang Force in Faridabad. The group identifies itself on social media as Animal Rescue Seva Dal. The group also makes provocative posts on social media pages. He has done many posts on Love Jihad. Bittu Bajrangi has been charged with obstruction of government work, possession of arms for robbery, and misbehaving with the police. Before the Brajmandal Yatra at Nuh, Bittu Bajrangi had posted several provocative videos on social media. A case was also registered against Bittu in this case. However, he was released on bail. Since then there were demands for Bittu’s arrest on social media.

Bittu Bajrangi Provocative Video

Before July 31, Bittu Bajrangi’s video went viral on social media. Bittu said – “Give them the complete location, where I am coming. Otherwise, we will talk later, we did not tell you that we came and did not meet. That’s why we are giving the complete location. Keep flower garlands ready for us.” Bittu Bajrangi also shows his supporters during the video. Bittu Bajrangi says that he is currently in Pali, Faridabad. It is being claimed on social media that this video of Bittu is from the morning of July 31, the day of the violence.

Police revealed that they are questioning Bajrangi alias Rajkumar in 15 to 20 cases filed based on the complaint of ACP Usha Kundu at Sadar Police Station, including the FIR registered against Bajrangi in the riots case. He said that Bajrangi, who is the president of Go Raksha Bajrang Force, was taken into custody by the Crime Investigation Department of Tavadu town and was taken to Faridabad.

Charges against Bittu Bajrangi

Bittu Bajrangi, who came into the limelight due to Nuh violence, has been arrested from Faridabad. Nuh police caught Bittu from the house. According to police sources, Bittu has been arrested by CIA Tawdu. Nuh Police Spokesperson Krishna Kumar said that after the Nuh violence on July 31, a case was registered under IPC Sections 148, 149, 332, 353, 186, 395, 397, 506, and Arms Act at the Sadar police station. Violence breaks out during the pilgrimage in Nuh, resulting in 5 districts

Bittu Bajrangi Biography In Hindi (Bittu Bajrangi Kaun Hai)

बजरंगी गौ रक्षक बजरंग दल की फ़रीदाबाद इकाई का प्रमुख है. नूंह में हिंसा भड़कने से पहले बजरंगी और मानेसर के वीडियो विभिन्न सोशल मीडिया प्लेटफॉर्म पर वायरल हो गए थे. नूंह में यात्रा से पहले बिट्टू बजरंगी का गौ रक्षा संबंधी वीडियो सोशल मीडिया पर खूब वायरल हुआ था.इस वीडियो में वह कहते सुनाई दे रहा है, ”ये बोलेंगे कि बताया नहीं है हम ससुराल आए और मुलाकात नहीं हुई.फूलों की माला तैयार रखना भाई -ससुराल आ रहा है. कुल 150 गाड़ियां है.इस वीडियो के दौरान बिट्टू बजरंगी अपने समर्थकों को भी दिखाता है.

Bittu Bajrangi Biography Provocative Video

Bittu Bajrangi Biography Provocative Video Link Click Here

FAQs About Bittu Bajrangi Biography

Q1. What is the real name of Bittu Bajrangi?
Ans. The real name of Bittu Bajrangi is Raj Kumar.

Q2. How old is Bittu Bajrangi?
Ans. Bittu Bajrangi is 35 yrs. old.

Q3. From where did he got arrested?
Ans. He got arrested from his home in Faridabad.

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