Bhulekh UP 2024: Bhulekh Khasra-Khatoni, Land Record Verification

Bhulekh UP 2024: Bhulekh Khasra-Khatoni, Uttar Pradesh Land Record Verification: The Bhulekh or online land record of Uttar Pradesh State is now available online on the UP Bhulekh website. This website gives the facility to check online land records, including Khata details, Khasra number, and Khatauni. Now the citizens of the state can download all the records of the land online from this website. as per the state government’s digital database. Are. A digital database of UP Bhulekh has been created for all the districts of Uttar Pradesh.

The government of Uttar Pradesh has recently extended the deadline for the Property Transfer Scheme Online or Bhulekh UP Transfer Scheme which was provided online for the citizens of the state. Under this scheme, citizens or land owners can transfer their property in the name of their blood relatives or siblings by paying an online fee of Rs 5000. Hence the online transfer of the property is available now on the official portal of the government. Let’s have a details insight into Bhulekh UP 2024, Bhulekh Khasra-Khatoni, Uttar Pradesh Land Record Verification.

Bhulekh UP 2024

The web portal was initiated by the UP government with the help of the central government’s initiative of digital India. The process of converting the land record of one of the biggest states o India was done by the government in 2020. Over time the government has updated it with more facilities like online Mutation applications, Land transfer, and Land registration basically in the rural areas of the state.

Bhulekh UP

The need for the digitalization of the land record came into the notification of the government under the policy of good governance policy of the Indian government. Now all the data was uploaded by the government online for end users of the state. Now the people of the state did not need to visit the Tehsil of the district to get the documents of land record. People can download all the records online from UP Bhulekh Portal 2024 or UP land records verification online.

Bhulekh UP 2024 Land Record Verification- Highlights

Blog Post Bhulekh UP 2024: Uttar Pradesh Land Record Verification
  • Key Feature- UP Bhulekh Online Land Record Portal
  • Bhulekh UP 2024- Online available services
  • Download Khasra Khatauni on UP Bhulekh Online Portal
  • Check Village Khatauni on UP Bhulekh @
  • Bhulekh UP Khata KHatoni Check Online Procedure
Authority State Government of Uttar Pradesh
Governing Body Revenue Department- Government of Uttar Pradesh
The launch date of the Online Portal 2020
Beneficiary Citizens/ Land Owners of the state
Benefits Check online Land records
Download Khata Khtoni from Bhulekh UP Portal Click Here
Bhulekh UP Helpline number 0522-2217145
Official Email ID [email protected]
Official Web Portal Link

Bhulekh UP 2024- Online Available Services

  • Legalization of Land Records: Under this scheme, the citizens of the state can apply online the clear the discrepancies regarding the land records of Individual owners of the state. All these discrepancies are legalized by a computerized Management System.
  • Promoting e-District Initiative: This portal also initiates the E-District program of the state government to give all the government services through the Common Service Centers( CSC) for the urban as well as rural citizens of the state.
  • Promoting DILRMP: The government of India has initiated the Digital India Land Records Modernization Program. the facility of making all the records digital is the key service for the citizens of the state.
  • Online Stamp and Registration Process: This portal also gives the facility of the Stamps and registration of the lands owned by the owner in the state. Also, citizens of the state can apply online for mutation through Bhulekh UP 2024- Uttar  Pradesh Land Record Services.

Key Feature- UP Bhulekh Online Land Record Portal

  • Categorization of UP Land Records: This portal has all the categorized data related to your land record in an easy manner. The end users can easily check or view the documents related to the land they own in the Uttar Pradesh state.
  • Easy to use Bhulekh UP Portal: This portal was launched to give the easy facility for the users of the state. The management of the portal and maintenance department keeps updating the facilities for the citizens.
  • Easy navigation Links: The portal is designed with easy navigation services providing the facility. Users can be directly linked with the Revenue Department, Stamp, and Registry departments. The navigation to avail of the services with other departments’ links is given in the portal.
  • ALL-in-one Portal: Bulekh UP Land record Portal is made under the all-in-one facility for all Land record-related services. Users can avail the downloading of documents of the land and other online services.

Bhulekh UP Khata Khatoni Check Online- Procedure

Please follow the procedure to check Bhulekh UP Khata Khatoni online from the below-given steps.

  • open the official web page to check online land records by clicking on the following given link=> Bhulekh UP Khata KHatoni Check Online Procedure
  • There is the tab given with the name of खतौनी की नकल or अधिकार अभिलेख. Click on this tab
  • Enter the captcha code to authenticate yourself, and click on submit.
  • You will land on the next page where you will find the option for checking land records online.
  • Select your district, tahsil, and Village name.
  • After selecting the name of the village you will be redirected to the new web page where you will find the search options.
  • Choose one of the options from Khasra number, Account number, or Owners name( खाता संख्या, खसरा संख्या, मालिक(खातेदार) के नाम  .
  • Search by Khatedar’s name or number and click on the View details tab on the search box.
  • The portal will give the details of your Khatoni or complete land record on the next page
  • You can download the PDF of your Land Record from this web page.

Check Revenue Village Khatauni Code (राजस्व ग्राम खतौनी कोड)on UP Bhulekh @

  1. Visit the official website of UP Bhulekh- Land Record Portal by typing this on the Google search tab.
  2. Click on the UP Bhulekh 2024 from the search result shown on the screen.
  3. Click on the राजस्व ग्राम खतौनी कोड on the home page of the Bhuekh UP web Portal.
  4. Select the district name in which you live.
  5. Select the Tahsil name from the list that appears on the screen.
  6. Search for the village name on the net option using the first name of your village from the virtual keyboard on the screen.
  7. After selecting the Village name click on the check details on the screen.

How to Search Real-Time Khatauni on UP Bhulekh Portal?

Users can check the real-time Khatauni from the Uttar Pradesh Land Record portal Bhulekh UP. The process of checking Real-Time Khatoni is as simple as we have described in the above sections. this is the best part of the Bhulekh UP portal. However, we are giving detailed information about the procedure to Search Real-Time Khatauni on UP Bhulekh Portal.

  1. Click on the (रीयल-टाइम खतौनी) on the home page of the UP Land Record Portal.
  2.  Click on the Real-Time Khatoni tab from the options given on the screen of the computer.
  3. You will be redirected to the next page with the web URL
  4. Now you can check all the details in real-time with the given options on the screen of the web page.
  5. All the details may vary with the districts and village. You can raise a complaint online if you find any discrepancy in the records.

Check Evicted Property(निष्क्रांत प्रॉपर्टी) in UP Bhulekh 2024.

Citizens can check the Evicted Property which was declared under this section as this clause is very important to know before you buy or sell the property in UP. Below are the points on checking the Evicted Property(निष्क्रांत प्रॉपर्टी) in Uttar Pradesh.

  1. Visit the home page of the UP Bhulekh online Land Record Portal.
  2. Click on the निष्क्रांत प्रॉपर्टी- Evicted Property tab given on the home page of the website.
  3. Select your Tehsil on the next page opened on the window.
  4. Select the village under the selected Tehsil from the list that appears in the next section.
  5. The portal will show all the details of evicted properties on the net page.
  6. Now you can take the printout of the Evicted Property details on the screen.

Check Disputed Plot or Property on UP Bhulekh@

In this section, you can check the detailed information about the property at the time you are purchasing or taking the property on lease in Uttar Pradesh state. This is a very important point everyone has to check at the time investing in a property in Uttar Pradesh state. Let’s have a look at the online process to check the disputed plot or property through UP Bhulekh.

  • Open the UP Bhuekh official website on your mobile or computer.
  • Tap on the Disputed Land tab on the home page of the web portal.
  • Select the district name from the list given on the next page of the website
  • Select the name of the Tehsil from the given list of Tehsils under the district.
  • Search the village with the help of using the virtual keyboard on the next section of the web page.
  • After clicking on the selected village you will get details of the disputed lands or properties.

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Download UP Bhulekh Mobile App

The government of Uttar Pradesh State also launched the mobile application of UP Bhulekh t make it user-friendly through the mobile. So, the citizens of the state can now use the mobile application to check the land records online through their mobile phones.

This application is useful for department personnel and users of the rural areas of the state. All the processes to check the information about Bhulekh UP are the same as we described in the above sections. you must have to use your mobile number to start using the application on your mobile phone. you can also download the application from the Google Play Store on your mobile phone.

Below is the link we are giving to download the UP Bhulekh mobile app for land records.

Download UP Bhulekh Mobile App Download Here
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