BHU OPD Appointment Online Registration, Booking Time, OPD Doctor List, Helpline Number

BHU means Banaras Hindu University. This is a reputable and trustworthy hospital and college of medical science. This institute started an online portal for the BHU OPD appointment. This portal gives benefits to those patents that come for OPD. With the help of this portal, Patients can quickly consult with the doctor. They don’t need to visit often for the appointment of the doctor.

They must book their appointment via this official online portal for BHU OPD. If you patent and don’t know about BHU OPD appointment online registration, then don’t worry. This article gives you complete details regarding BHU OPD online registration. This article also provides information like BHU OPD booking time, OPD doctor list, contact details, etc. So check out these details and book your appointment for BHU OPD.

BHU OPD Online Registration Link 2023

Now people can get a wide variety of benefits and services at home. And these services are related to health. India’s government aims to provide health benefits all over India. That’s why they created BHU OPD appointment online registration.

BHU OPD Appointment Online Registration, Booking Time, OPD Doctor List, Helpline Number

So people can make appointments at home. They don’t need to go to the hospital to make an appointment. A person can make an appointment via the BHU OPD online registration app and official website. Both methods are straightforward. So, anyone can easily register for the BHU OPD.

Also, a person can get details about the appointment date and time. So they don’t have to wait in line for many hours. They can save time and energy. People can also check the doctor list and holiday list of institutions. They have to log in with the phone number in the application, and they get the complete information regarding BHU OPD.

BHU OPD Appointment Online Booking 2023 – Overview

Hospital Name  Sir SunderLal Hospital,IMS,BHU
Institution type Institute of Medical Science
Established in 1926
Launched By by Banaras Hindu University
Article  BHU OPD Online Registration
BHU OPD Schedule Click Here
Beneficiaries Citizens of the country
Registration way Via online portal
Official Website

Booking Timing & Doctor List for BHU OPD  

When you are going to register for the BHU OPD, make sure you are aware of the booking timings. Yes, there is a booking timing for the registration of BHU OPD. You can register for the BHU OPD till 10 PM. You can apply for it in the morning to 10 PM. After 10 p.m., no one can book the BHU OPD. BHU OPD booking timing is the same for all days. So, make sure you register for the BHU OPD by 10 p.m.

BHU OPD Timings
For the Outpatient department   9 am to 3 pm
For staff   2 pm to 3 pm

List of Doctors available at BHU OPD: 

Patients can check the doctor list from the official online portal of BHU OPD. You can check the doctor timing and department type list in this BHU OPD doctor list. You have to go to the service option on the official website. Then select the doctor consult option. You will receive a PDF format BHU OPD doctor list.

BHU OPD Doctor List Click Here

Procedure to BHU OPD Appointment Online Registration

You can register for BHU OPD online in two ways. The first is via the BHUP OPD online registration application. And second way is via the official website of BHU OPD. This article provides a step-by-step guide on BHU OPD online registration via the official website.

  1. First, you must visit the official website of BHU OPD. Its official website is
  2. Then you will receive a home page of its official website.
  3. Here, you will see many services like general OPD reservation, OPD reservation for employees and students, available reprint dates, and more.
  4. You have to select the general OPD registration. After that, you will receive a new page showing the BHU OPD registration form.
  5. Select the “I am not a robot” option. Then, you verify yourself. After that, you have to choose a department type and category. Then state and many other required details.
  6. After that, you have to select the submit button. Then you have to pay for the registration. You can pay via net banking. When your payment is successfully made, your registration process is completed.
  7. After that, you have to go for your checkup at your schedule. You can check your plan with the help of the BHU OPD online portal.

BHU OPD Booking Through Email & Mobile Number

If you receive any queries regarding BHU OPD, you can contact the institute via the following way.

Via email: BHU’s official email id is You can email your queries to this ID. And institution’s authority will read it and then solve your problems.

Via helpline number: You can directly call with helpline number. And then talk about any problems regarding the registration process. We provide the institute helpline number and OPD registration helpline number for your convenience.

BHU OPD Online Registration number 0542-2309279

BHU OPD Registration Contact Number

BHU OPD Online Registration Queries Number +(91)7233023624
E-mail [email protected]
Helpline Number 0542-2309279
OPD Registration Helpline Number 8381942407, 8381942406, 0542-2309300
Address Ajagara, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the complete form of BHU?

Ans: BHU full form is Banaras Hindu Hospital. This institute is a medical school as well as a hospital. It is located in Banaras.

2. What is the official website of BHU?

Ans: BHU’s official website is

3. Can I register myself for BHU OPD via the registration app?

Ans: yes, you can register yourself for BHU OPD via its registration app. You can get the BHU OPD online registration app at the Google Play store. This app is free to download. There are no charges to download the BHU OPD online registration app.

4. Can I book an online appointment at BHU OPD?

Ans: yes, if you are an Indian citizen, you can book an online appointment at BHU OPD.

5. Is there a trauma center available in BHU? Can I apply for trauma center online registration?

Ans: yes, there is a trauma center available in BHU. If you are a patient and want treatment from the BHU doctors, then you can apply for trauma center online registration.

6. How can I easily register myself for BHU OPD registration?

Ans: you can easily register for BHU OPD via its official website. You must provide the state name, department name, and type and then submit. Afterward, you can go to the hospital based on the scheduled timing.

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