10+ Best YouTube Alternatives Sites: FREE Video Website Like YouTube 2024

Hi ! my curious readers, here we are going to share some different, exciting, and friendly websites that can be alternative sites of YOU TUBE. everybody knows YouTube is a huge medium for online videos but one thing i would like to mention here is that  The are many amazing alternatives in this whole world. Each website option has its own menu just like a dish with its own cool style so let’s go into a wonderful world. In this article we will give you a complete tour guide about 10  fantastic YouTube alternative websites and we will also help you  to know which option you should choose for yourself

10 + Best YouTube Alternatives Sites

In this Big world,  You Tube is not the only platform in the online video world so you will get here these are 10 different website stages for everybody. if you are a filmmaker, a chef, a gamer or just you want to get some information, this is the spot for you, so come here and explore.

1- Vimeo

while talking about this platform we can have some cool high- quality stuff and that too without any ad. it has Plenty  of qualities such as

  • high – definition videos
  • you can watch some TV series and it supports 360 – degree videos
  • it easy to browse with organizes videos section
  • you will get a regularly selection  by vimeo staff pics
  • This platform good and easy to customize for both creators and uploaders you just need give a try this one.

2-  Daily motion

if you chose this platform instead of YouTube:-

  • you can create own  personal  account
  • You will get global platform across in various genres for creators and viewers
  • it has travel vlogs to cooking tutorials, you can get anything on this platform including movies, TV series , old shows , interviews , music video and BTS of many drama , movies

3 – Twitch

it is online video site for game lovers. this website is created by Amazon , on here  you will experience

  • A multi language  platform for professional and amateur gamers
  • Experience of live – streaming  games in serval genres
  • No hassle of ads
  • Get a chance for enjoy gaming events like  the World Cyber Games ( WCG) and E-Sports World Convention (ESWC) .

4- Netflix

Nowadays this  site has become the greatest competition in YOU TUBE  AND TV Entertainment world. Netflix is giving people a new experience watching movies . so you will get an experience of world level tv shows and movies and enjoy oscar – worth movies such as ROMA.  you must experience netflix once .

5-  The Open Video Project

This online site is for  student and research scholars , it is designed by  university of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s school of information and Library Science . so most of the video are educational on it , from the archives of NASA and some TV commercials and educational films this site can be very helpful for research .


you get this option on instagram  , this ideal for mobile user and the social media influencers , you can consider this new from of sharing and viewing content. if we talk about the public  response, content creators and viewers are liking this platform  because  it is used by a large number of people whether they can be artist or a common people. this platform  is being preferred for advertisement .

7 –  Spotlightr

using this site you will enjoy

  •  you can search video on various topic such as technology , design entertainment
  • if you are Business , designer, scientist and techie person this online site is perfect and organized too
  • you will also enjoy topics , podcast , TED books

8 -Peer TUBE

this is  completely  super cool experience for the people and by the people , give this one shot !! because

  • Peer Tube  is tool that you can install  and create your  own video sit on it
  • it is available in 28 languages

9- Rumble

This site can be an earning  source for you too , this online video platform  gives you the chance  to   host , distribute and monetize all your professional social and viral video

10 – Facebook videos

it can be a good alternative watching experience for you plus you get easy access of TV shows , on this platform you can;

  • upload HD videos without any problem
  •  it is available in many languages
  • You can easily sign -up on it and yo can share your video very easily
  • On this platform you connect  with the people  worldwide .

Highlights of the  free video websites like you Tube 2024

article name Best YouTube Alternatives
beneficiary for For every viewers
name of options Viemo, Daily motion, Twitch, Netflix, IGTV and others.
official search  Google
category Entertainment and technology
objective Let the audience know different option apart from You Tube .

So the most awaited question is here – How do you pick the perfect one for yourself?

first clear this point – what you want to share and  with whom do you want to share in what kind of public? so watch out these points ;

1- who is the audience of this site

2- look your video category like you looking or making art , so you can go Twitch and you want chat go Peer Tube

3- if you are looking monetize  your video choosing  Rumble / LBRY  can be a good option for you.

4-  which platform gives home comfort feeling and you are comfortable theirs conditions & terms


1- why do you consider you tube alternatives?

ans. When you explore other options your content will be creative and it will reach a large number of people.  These alternative options will also provide you with money facilities.

2-  Are these other Alternatives safe for everyone?

ans. Every platform has its own policies and security but it is very important that they are checked as per your convenience.  Especially when your audience is small children.

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