10+ Best Mehndi Designs for Marriage, Teej, Diwali & Other Festivals

Welcome to our new blog post on Best Mehndi Designs for the marriage occasion. Women apply mehendi in many festival seasons like Teej, Diwali & others. The application of henna in different designs is called mehendi. Thus, women apply the henna paste to the palm with different mehendi designs. Additionally, it was applied to the skin to treat stomach aches, burns, and headaches, and then the open wounds for medicinal purposes.

Henna is now mostly used to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, Diwali, Teej, and weddings with a joyful group of people. In some cultures, the darker the henna stain, the deeper the love between two people. Thus the henna paste represents good health and prosperity in marriage according to our tradition. Stay with the article to get all the detailed information about 10+ Best Mehndi Designs for Marriage, Teej, And Diwali.

Best Mehndi Designs

10+ Best Mehndi Designs

Do you know, that henna is not a tattoo It is represented as a good ritual for all occasions. Hence, Gold rods, plastic cones, plastic bottles with tips, syringes, toothpicks, and other tools that henna artists have developed to accomplish their goals. Also, they express themselves through the art of Mehndi and are used to apply paste to Mehndi patterns.

1- Floral Mehndi Designs

Nowadays most girls choose floral mehndi design for every occasion. You can wear floral patterns in stunning and sophisticated designs if you love them during the festive season. To begin with just a few simple tricks, this pattern is fairly straightforward. They add fanciful beauty to the mehndi pattern when done meticulously and effectively. Thus this is another reason why we adore them.

2- Arabic Mehndi Designs

Most of the Brides have fallen in love with Arabic mehndi because of its unique charm and looks on the palm. Because the design is dispersed, it leaves more room for the hands, which is one of the most distinctive features that sets it apart from other designs.

3- Jhumka Mehndi Designs

It’s a trending mehndi design that copies the style of Jhumka earrings design. Hence, it’s a design that helps the mehendi lovers to make a design like Jhumka and wrap up the mehendi in a traditional way. Following the trends of mehendi design and ways of marriage, Teej, Diwali, and other festivals it shows a unique design.

4- Kundan Mehndi Designs

Aside from the mehendi plan and confirmation of its rich tone, Kundan Mehandi utilizes top-notch henna glue that suits a wide range of skins and brings lovely variety through the astonishing plans. 

Therefore, you can contact us at (contact number) if you want to include us in your happiness. Then, we at Kundan Art are here to make your event even more joyful. Therefore, give us a chance to best serve you and then make your day full of happy moments.

5- Bridal Mehndi Designs

As per the mehendi lovers, without covering the back of your hand, bridal mehendi is meaningless. Therefore the resemblance between the designs on the front and back of your hands is unnecessary. It covers the majority of your hand, from fingers to the region over the wrist, hence making it one of the most mind-blowing choices for a lady of the hour.

6- Simple Mehndi Designs

As most of the time, girls want to keep their mehendi designs simple for occasions like Teej, Diwali, and different types of festivals. Thus, they then design simple and attractive Mehndi Designs on their palms. To keep its float look and design it’s growing its design. 

7- Dulhan Mehendi Designs

Most of the brides demand it to design their mehendi as a traditional Rajasthani design. Those elegant designs need an amazing bride and groom entry or a small potato. With a flawless design, it makes it a perfect dulhan design in the palm of the bride. 

8- Unique Mehndi Design

In our Indian tradition mehendi is a vital part of our various occasions. Hence, it keeps it a perfect look for the ladies. As we know there are many designs we can use in our mehendi but when it comes to being amazing among all. One should keep her mehndi design unique. Likewise designing a baby in the baby shower. And the most important design in a wedding is the bride and groom design. 

9- Symmetric Mehndi Designs

Thus, this design will cover all over the hands of the women who want to use this design for their occasion. Because it wraps up in symmetric designs and we all know that symmetries create different types of look. Hence, in this festive season, you can flaunt your hands with this beautiful design. 

10- Quirky Simplistic Mehendi Design

Most of the girls and women keep their mehndi designs into two different types. As per the design, Indo-Arabic design is the best choice for them. Thus, to keep it different from others and simple one can use that. Or, if someone wants to look at it differently then the Jhumka design is the best to mix with it. 

11- Rajasthani Mehandi Designs

From year after year, Rajasthani Mehndi’s design became the first love of ladies. Also, it creates an amazing design for the bride’s hands. It creates a unique design for every tradition. Then, such Rajasthani Mehndi Designs are best for wedding days. 

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Thanks for reading the whole blog. It helps a lot in the upcoming festive season for the women who love to apply mehendi. Thus it creates an amazing aura during the festival time. So, apply these designs and choose your favorite one in between them. And also don’t forget to share your favourite design name in the comments.

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