Banglarbhumi 2024: Check West Bengal Land Records

The digitalization of the land record was started under the NLRMP( National Land Record Modernization Program) scheme by the central government of India in 2008. This scheme was launched under the good governance initiative by the central government with the help of the state government. The government of West Bengal state was too serious about digitalizing all the land of the state. And finally, in 2021 the government launched the Bangalrboomi Portal of West Bengal Land Records.

The Bangalrbhumi portal was launched in collaboration with the Revenue and Relief and Rehabilitation Department of the state government. This portal has all the information on the lands of the state including the owner’s name, plot number, land structure, agricultural land, commercial land, the value of the land, and related documents. Here in this post, we will discuss West Bengal Land Records @banglarbhumi gov in Khatian. And other queries you want to know about the online portal.

Banglarbhumi 2024

Till 2016 NLRMP was just a scheme and few of the states of India have taken this scheme seriously. But in 2016 again central government led by PM Narendra Modi changed the name of the scheme to DILRMP( Digital India Land Records Modernization Program). Also, the central government started direct funding of the scheme under the Digital India initiation.

However, the West Bengal government under the leadership of Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee was in the process of launching the WB Land Record portal for all the Bargadar of the state. As the government knows the state has plenty of agricultural land in rural areas and the support of the government scheme is not reaching directly to the small farmers of the state.

Banglarbhumi 2023: Check West Bengal Land Records @banglarbhumi gov in Khatian

the digitalization of the land records of the West Bengal state is the second revolution after the Land Reform Act of 1955. All the procedures for obtaining the land records became in the hands of the citizens of the state. Now any citizen who owns land in the state can check the land records online through the portal 2024. However, we will discuss every aspect of the online portal for West Bengal Land Records in the section of this blog post.

West Bengal Land Record Online, Khatian – Overview

Blog Post West Bengal Record
Name of the scheme Digital India Land Records Modernization Program
Scheme launched by Government of India
Operated by Government of West Bengal State
Concerned Department Lands and Land Reform & Refugee Relief & Rehabilitation Department
 Online Portal WB Land Record
Launched in 2016
Official portal URL Click Here
Mobile Application Click Here

WB Land Record Search by Name

Land record digitalization brought ease to the individual landowners in the state. If you either live in an urban area or rural area you can check the land record you own in West Bengal state from anywhere. All these facilities are given by the government of the state after the implementation of the West Bengal Land & Land Reform Department of the state. This department has cleared the issues regarding all the land disputes of the state.

The dispute was between the revenue department and was cleared by the West Bengal Land  Reform Department are clear now and the owners name of the citizens were cleared by the government. Now, you can search all the documents like Khatian online by your Mauza name Khatian number, or by your name. Here the government has also given the facility to download facility for your lnd record online.

Check the West Bengal Land Records Process

  1. First of all. you have to visit the official WB land record portal Banglrbhumi Portal.
  2. You can directly visit the portal by clicking on the following link=> Banglarbumi Land Record Portal.
  3. Click on the Know Your Property tab on the top right of the home page of the website.
  4. Enter your username and password to log in on the web portal.
  5. Now you will be on the land record management page of the portal.
  6. Click on the Khatian Record Tab on the web page on your computer screen.
  7. There are three options available for citizen users to check their land records online on the Portal.
  8. Click on the WB land Record Search by Name from the given option.
  9. Now select your District, Block, and Mauza for further procedure.
  10. Now you have to select the land record by selecting the options given below.
    • Normal Khatin
    • Lease Khatian
    • FHTD Khatian
    • Search By Khatian
    • Search by Plot Number
  11. Enter the Khatian Number and enter the captcha to authenticate before clicking on view land record.
  12. After clicking on view land record the document of your land will appear on the computer screen.
  13. You can now download and use this for your future reference and purposes.

WB Land Reforms Department

The WB state of India has had many land-related issues since it was established after the independence of the country. Especially after the India and Pakistan War in 1971. Crores of refugees have settled from East Pakistan into the adjoining states of eastern India. West Bengal received more than crores of refugees from Bangladesh at that time. Lots of the refugees started living in the relief camps and soon started farming in the rural areas of the state without documentation.

This situation became a problem for the revenue department over the years. Finally, the WB government established the Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department to deal with the problems of the land records. After long hard work, the department has finalized the records and submitted them to the government of a state. The WB government has uploaded all the records online. Below is the link to the official website of the WB Land and Land Reforms Department.

How to Check Online Khatian on WB Land Record Portal?

The government of the state has also given the facility to check their land record online by Khatian Number. The Khaitan number is the basic identification number of the land record of the state. For checking any record of your land in the state you must know your Khatin number.

This Identification Number is mandatory because a citizen may own different land in different areas of the state. So the Khatian Number of the lands you own in different Mauza, District, or Block will be different. So you can Check Online Khatian on WB Land Record Portal by following the below procedure.

  • Open the official web portal of WB land REcord- on your computer.
  • Click on the Know Your Property tab on the home page of the Online Land Record portal.
  • Now enter your User ID and Password to sign in online as a citizen user.
  • Here you have to select the search option Khatian from the list.
  • Enter your Khatian Number on the next block and enter the captcha to validate yourself.
  • Click on the View tab given below on the computer screen.
  • The portal will show you detailed information about your land in the Mauza where you live.
  • You can download a PDF of the document for your reference.

Search RS-LR Plot Information

The RS-LR document related to your land in the state is now available online from the official website of the West Bengal Land and Land Reform Department. This useful document is used for various purposes including governmental or Non-governmental. So you can keep the RS-LR plot information document with you for further purposes. This document basically used for legal proceedings.

Leasing land in West Bengal is normal as lots of the land owners of agricultural land tend to give the land on lease to other farmers who don’t own the land. Below is the process to get the RS-LR Plot information.

  1. Open the official website of the West Bengal Land And Land reform department by clicking on the following link=>
  2. Click on the Citizens Services tab on the home page of the Portal.
  3. Select the RS_LR Information tab on the List of services online.
  4. You will be redirected to the next page where you can check all the plot information.
  5. Log in with your username and password after selecting the citizen’s login option.
  6. Now select your district block and Mauza from the lists.
  7. Now select any feasible option from Sabek Dag or Hal Dag.
  8. Sabek Dag-> Enter the LR Plot number to search for LR Information on the plot
  9. Hal Dag-> Enter the RS plot number to search RS Information of your plot.

Steps to Apply for Mutation Online Portal

Citizens of the state can now apply online for the Mutation of the land online through the online portal for West Bengal Land Record. This facility is available for both conditions if you have purchased land in the state of happy mutation for inheritance land. You have to pay an online mutation fee with the application online. Check out the procedure to Apply for Mutation Online on the WB Land Record portal .

  • Click on the citizen services tab on the official website of the Portal.
  • Select the Online Application tab from the list of services.
  • Log in with username and password.
  • Select the Apply Mutation online from the given tabs.
  • Fill up the online form with clear information including the prior owner.
  • Upload the documents that are asked to be uploaded in the selected section.
  • After filling complete online application form click on the proceed for payment.
  • Select the feasible payment mode from the given option and pay the amount which is shown in the options.
  • Keep the printout of the receipt of the payment which will also be automatically sent to your mail ID.
  • This receipt will have your query/ Application number, which can be used for future searches of the status of your application status.

WB Land Record Mobile App Download Link

As we know 95% of the population of India is using the internet on their mobile. Lots of people are using it to search the WB Land Record on their mobile phones through the portal. This became more important for the government of West Bengal to launch the mobile application of its land record portal Bnglarbhumi.

In 2024 the government launched a mobile application named ‘WB Land Record ‘ to give access to the citizens of the state on their mobile phones. Let’s have an overview of the App below.

  1. App is available for both Android and iOS phones.
  2. You need to authenticate yourself with the identity proof of the citizenship of the state before using the app.
  3. Land registration number, Khian Number, and Aadhar card can be used as ID proof
  4. Citizens of the state can download all the documents related to their land in the state from the Bnaglarbhumi application.
  5. The documents downloaded from the Application are authentic as downloaded from the web portal.

Links for APP Download:

Below are the direct download links for the Banglarbhumi App on your mobile phone:

WB Land Record- App download link for Android Mobile Phone Download Here
WB Land Record- App download link for iOS Mobile Phone Download Here
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