Ankit Baiyanpuria Net Worth, Income Sources, Youtube Earnings, Age, Caste, Biography

On the Social Media Platform, there are many fitness influencers doing well for generations. I know you are following them to keep your body fit & healthy. But recently a desi influencer has been trending on social platforms and this man gained huge love and following in a short time.

So, I am talking about the “Ankit Baiyanpuraia”, also known as Ankit Singh. He is from Sonipat, Haryana, India. His 75 Hard Challenge inspired all youngsters over the country. He has also transformed his own life by gaining huge popularity on social media. Now people are very curious to know about his personal life, net worth, income sources, age, caste, etc. Kindly read this post to the end very carefully.

Ankit Baiyanpuria Net Worth

The main question about “Ankit Singh” is how much is his net worth? Basically, Ankit Baiyanpuria earns about INR 60-70K per month from YouTube and Instagram. This means the annual income from these two sources is 8 lakhs annually. He is also a good gym trainer and gives the gym training and earns 4-5 lakhs per year from this work.

Moreover, this guy has other family work income sources & business, which amounts to INR 2-3 Lakh yearly. So from all sources of income sources, Ankit Baiyanpuria’s net worth is estimated at around Rupees 10-12 lakhs per year and 25-30 lakhs in his lifetime. We are proud of Ankit because of his journey from a small village to a successful YouTuber and fitness influencer. Now become a well-known personality in the world.

Ankit Baiyanpuria Net Worth, Income Sources, Youtube Earnings, Age, Caste, Biography

Ankit Baiyanpuria Biography (Wiki) – Overview

Topic About
  • Ankit Baiyanpuria Net Worth, Income Sources, Youtube Earnings
  • His Short Bio includes Age, Caste, Village, Parents, etc.
Year 2024
Full Name Ankit Singh Baiyanpuria
Age 30 Years (Est.)
Birth Place Sonipat, Haryana
Famous For 75 Day Challenge
Girlfriend Name None
Net Worth in Rupees ₹10-12 Lakhs
Qualification Bachelor of Arts
Social Media Name Youtube, Instagram, Facebook
Post Category  Fitness Influencer Biography

Ankit Baiyanpuria Age, Caste & Religion

In this section, we have given you a short Biography of the famous Indian Fitness influencer “Ankit Baiyanpuria”. So Ankit Baiyanpura is also famous by the name of “Ankit Singh”. He is the best YouTuber, bodybuilder, fitness influence, and athlete from Bayanpur village, Sonipat, Haryana, born on August 31, 1993. He obeys Hinduism and belongs to the Prajapati caste. As you listen to the introduction of the video “Ram Ram Ne Sariyana”. In the hard 75-Day Challenge, he had read Bhagavad Geeta every day. As of writing this article, he has around 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and 4.6M followers on Instagram.

Ankit Baiyanpuria Family & Married Status

  1. In Ankit Baiyanpuria’s life, his family is very important. He is an Indian native who was raised in a modest middle-class household in Bayanpur, Sonipat. Since his father is a dedicated farmer, he probably instilled tenacity and hard work ideals in him from an early age.
  2. His homemaker mother gave him the devoted encouragement he needed to accomplish his goals. The name of this great boy is set on fire each social media platforms.
  3. Now most people want to explore the details about their Family and married status. So Ankit Baiyanpuria has good family members with his Father and mother.
  4. But the name of his family member has not been revealed on the internet. His father very hard-working man and Farmer. The father of Ankit always supports him to motivate for career.
  5. If we have talked about his married status Ankit Baiyanpuria is unmarried and does not have a wife. And there is no clue of his Girlfriend’s name.
  6. Because he is a sigma man dedication to his fitness journey and career likely consumes a significant portion of his time and energy, leaving little room for a committed relationship.
  7. Even you can see the relationship status is “single” on social media platforms.

Ankit Baiyanpuria YouTube Earnings & Income Sources

You can explore his channel YouTube channel by searching “Ankit Baiyanpuria,” YouTube. If you are a fitness freak, then you should definitely follow her on social media platforms. Basically, he has accumulated a huge following on YouTube which is equal to revenue through advertisements and sponsorships.

In a simple world, Ankit Baiyanpuria earns about INR 60-70K per month from YouTube and Instagram. On his YouTube, he has shared his fitness journey, workouts, and lifestyle. Moreover, he has other income sources like Instagram, family business, and gym training. That means he is growing their lifestyle by hard work.

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