Agasthyarkoodam Trekking 2024 Registration Dates, Online Booking, Price & More

Agasthyarkoodam Trekking 2024 Registration Dates, Online Booking, Price & More: Positioned within the beautiful southern western Ghats of India, Agasthyarkoodam mesmerizes adventures and lovers of nature within its striking mountain summit. Surrendering to Agasthyarkoodam’s untainted splendor is made possible by the diverse array of plant and animal life present, creating an unparalleled visual experience. In 2024, vital information on registration dates, online booking, prices and more is available for those planning to take this invigorating Trek. Here we will provide you with all the information about the Agasthyarkoodam Trekking 2024 Registration Dates, Online Booking, and Price in detail. So read the article carefully till the end.

Agasthyarkoodam Trekking 2024 Registration Dates

Registration Date and Procedure: Organized by the Kerala Forest Department, the Agasthyarkoodam Trek requires registration to maintain its longevity and protect the delicate environment. Ahead of the trekking season, the registration process typically commences. It is suggested that individuals stay updated on the Trek by utilizing dependable government websites, news platforms, and social media channels related to it because there have been no announcements regarding the specific date for 2024.

Access the official website or online portal for the Agasthyarkoodam trek registration process. Providing personal details like name, contact information, and identification proof is necessary for registration. Correctly finishing registration requires submitting the required documents per instructions. So let’s see the complete information of the Agasthyarkoodam Trekking 2024 Registration Dates, Online Booking, and Price through this article.

Agasthyarkoodam Trekking Registration

Agasthyarkoodam Trekking 2024 Registration Dates- Highlights

Article  Agasthyarkoodam Trekking 2024 Registration Dates, Online Booking, Price & More
Name of the Trekking Agasthyarkoodam trekking
Location Kerela
Year 2024
Department Name Kerela Forest Department
Mode of booking tickets Online process
Status Active Soon
Agasthyarkoodam Trekking 2024 online booking date January, February
Category Online Booking
Contact number +91-471-2360762
Official Portal

Agasthyarkoodam Trekking Online Booking and Availability

Once the registration dates are out, interested individuals can access the online booking system to reserve their trekking spots. Due to the need to regulate the number of visitors and preserve the region’s ecological balance, slots are scarce. By booking early, one can enhance their chance of securing a spot, hence the advisory.

The platform will offer options for choosing desired dates and time slots, grouped into batches for an organized trekking experience. It is vital to understand that ecosystem protection demands that Agasthyarkoodam trekking be limited to a specific season, usually January to March.

Trekking fees and Packages: The fees for Agasthyarkoodam treks are subject to fluctuations each year. The cost covers not only permits and guides but also camping accommodation and other essentials. Registration will entail the disclosure of the 2024 trekking season’s pricing details.

The Kerala Forest Department’s packages are worth exploring, as they may offer additional perks like transportation, accommodation, and meals. These packages are designed to provide a comprehensive trekking experience and minimize potential obstacles.

Agasthyarkoodam Trekking Essential Information and Tips

  1. Fitness and Health: A challenging Trek, Agasthyarkoodam requires excellent physical fitness and stamina. Regular exercise and medical consultation are essential before commencing the Trek.
  2. Packing Essentials: Carry essential trekking gear, including sturdy footwear, comfortable clothing, a backpack, water bottles, rain gear, insect repellent, a first aid kit, and sunscreen. It is also recommended to carry valid identification proof at all times.
  3. Environmental Conservation: Respect the natural surroundings and follow the guidelines provided by the forest department. Avoid littering, do not disturb wildlife, and adhere to the principles of Leave No Trace.
  4. Weather Conditions: The weather in the Agasthyarkoodam region can be unpredictable. Be prepared for the sudden changes in temperature rainfall, and mist. It is advisable to check the weather forecast before embarking on the Trek.

Agasthyarkoodam Trek Extra Features

The Kerala Forest Department package for the Agasthyarkoodam trek varies from year to year. While the specific details for the 2024 packages are not available at the moment, here are some additional facilities that have been provided in the past:

  1. Transportation: Packages may offer transportation from select pickup points to the trekking base camp and back. For those who dislike organizing transportation, this is a welcome convenience.
  2. Accommodation: Depending on the package, the same options may feature tents or basic huts situated at either the base camp or designated areas for camping during the trekking route. By offering a haven for rest, they allow trekkers to refresh and revitalize during the Trek.
  3. Meals: Meals, typically comprising of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, might be included in the package for the Trek. Crafted to fuel and refresh us, these meals are essential for a successful Trek.
  4. Guides and Support Staff: Traversing the Trek may involve experienced guides and staff who offer expert assistance. With an intimate understanding of the environment, these guides can provide vital assistance and insights during the Trek.


Embarking on the Agasthyarkoodam trek in 2024 promises an unforgettable adventure amidst the lush wilderness of the Western Ghats. By staying updated on the registration dates, completing the online booking process, and preparing adequately for the journey, you can ensure a safe and enriching experience. Remember to respect nature, follow the guidelines, and leave behind only footprints, taking with you memories that will last a lifetime.

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