Aditya L1 Launch Tickets 2023: India’s first space-based solar observatory ticket price

Aditya L1 Launch Tickets 2023: India’s first space-based solar observatory ticket price: As we all know the success of the Chandrayaan 3 and the successful walk of the Pragyan rover on the south pole of the moon. This made our scientists very encouraged and started working on its upcoming mission to the Sun. This mission is named as Aditya L1.

The Indian Space Research Organization is now working on the preplanned mission Aditya L1. If you want to watch the launching of the Aditya L1 then you can check out this blog post for complete information about Launch Tickets of India’s first Space-based Solar Observatory Ticket Prices and more.

Aditya L1 Launch Tickets 2023

ISRO is going to launch its first satellite mission to study the first layer of the sun. The Aditya L1 satellite will launched on 2 Sep 2023 from the Sriharikota Space Center. The upcoming Saturday is once again going to be a big occasion for the people of the country.

The satellite will be launched on PSLV XL Rocket of ISRO. The PSLV XL is India’s completely India Rocket which is going to take the Aditya L1 satellite to study the outer circle of the sun. The satellite first will be placed in the lower earth orbit after leaving the gravitational field of the earth.

Aditya L1 Launch Tickets 2023

Later in subsequent travel, ISRO will guide it toward the lunar orbit of the sun. Although the satellite will reach its final orbit of the sun in almost 4 months. The complete process Aditya L1 satellite will travel almost 15 lakh kilometers in space to reach its destination. September 2 is going to be another day to celebrate the launch of Aditya L1 at Satish Dhawan Space Research Center, Sriharikota. Lots of people, well-known politician, and the media is going to cover the moment of the Launch of the satellite Aditya L1.

Aditya L1 India’s First Space-Based Solar Observatory Ticket Price- Overview

Blog Post Aditya L1 Launch Tickets 2023
  1. Aditya L1 Launch Tickets 2023 Price
  2. Aditya L1 Launch Tickets Booking
  3. Aditya L1 Launch Date & Time
  4. Aditya L1 Mission Budget
Aditya L1 Satelite Launch organizzation Indian Space Research Organization
Name of The mission Aditya L1
Name of Satelite Aditya L1
Aditya L1 Misson Launch date 2nd Sep 2023
Launch time NA
Countdown Start before 24 hours of launch time
Launch location Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota
Aditya L1 Launch Tickets Check Here
ISRO Official Website
Launch Vehicle PSLV XL
Final Point Orbit of Sun Lagrange point (L1)
The objective of Solar Mission
  • Study Solar Gas Pattern
  • Study Coronal Heating
  • Study Solar Wind Acceleration

Main Objectives of Aditya L1 Solar Mission 2023

  1. ISRO is going to reveal a new horizon of the outer cell of the sun through this mission.
  2. Aditya L1 Satellite will collect the specific data and send it to the ISRO center to reveal unknown facts about the upper atmosphere of the sun.
  3. The Chromosphere and corona of the sun are the targets of the satellite to study.
  4. The data will help to get more information on the chromospheric and coronal heating of the sun.
  5. Also, the physics of the initiation of the coronal mass ejections, partially ionized plasma of the sun, and flares of the sun will be studied by the scientist of ISRO.

Budget for Aditya L1 Solar Mission

The Satellite Aditya L1 will be launched by the specifically designed rocket launcher PSLV XL. The PSLV( Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is specifically designed by ISRO to launch interplanetary and sun-synchronous orbit satellites. The PSLV is completely designed by the ISRO and the organization is proud of this rocket launcher with many successful satellite launches. The total budget of the Solar mission of India is about 400 Crores. which is the lowest in the world for the solar mission launched by any country,

Aditya L1 Solar Mission Budget 400 Crore

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Aditya L1 Launch Tickets 2023 Price & Booking Online Process

The launch tickets for the Aditya L1 satellite are available on the official website of the ISRO. Any citizen of India who wishes to watch the live launch of India’s First Solar Mission can book the tickets. By making a request to the concerned authority of the organization. The visitors must disclose their identity and the purpose of the organization. Because the area of the Space Research Center is restricted to the general public.

Below are the details of the booking of the launch event of India’s first Solar Mission Aditya L1. On 2nd September 2023 from Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota:

  • Fill up the registration application for booking the tickets for launching the satellite.
  • Submit the application to the concerned authority of the Indian Space Research Organization before the last date of the registration date.
  • The registration form should be duly filled with the required information and supporting credentials like ID cards, Passport Photos, and others.
  • The authority will provide the Specific ID card to make entry to the lunch premises.

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