Who is Adil Khan Durani, Rakhi Sawant Boyfriend, Husband, Bio, Age, Religion

Are you interested to know about Adil Khan Durani who has been in a relationship with Rakhi Sawant for a long time? If yes! then keep reading the full blog to know who Adil Khan Durani, Rakhi Sawant’s Boyfriend, Husband, Bio, Age, and Religion. Adil Khan is a businessman, actor, and influencer who has 3 different businesses in 3 different areas. Stay tuned with us to know more in detail about him.

Who is Adil Khan Durani?

Adil Khan is a businessman, and he runs three different businesses in different areas such as Mysore, Karnataka, an ice cream business, some side hustles, and so on. Adil Khan is the boyfriend of Rakhi Sawant. She had been in a relationship with him a year ago. Adil Khan was born on Friday, that’s why his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He was born in Karnataka and, 1995 and is currently 27 years old. Adil Khan was 26 when he entered in family business. Adil Khan Durani did his schooling at a private school and graduated from Vidya Ashram University. Then he did his Graduation in BBM (Bachelor of Business and Management) from Vidya Ashram University.

Adil Khan Durani Bio (Wiki) & Personal Details

Full Name Adil Khan Durrani
Article About Disclosing Adil Khan’s Background
Wife/ GF Rakhi Sawant
Age 27
Occupation Businessman, actor, celebrity. Television personality speaker, Entrepreneur, Influencer
DOB 15.12.1995
Location of Birth Mysore
Current location Mumbai
Educational Background Graduated
Earning of the year 3-4 core
IG Account instagram.com/iamadilkhandurrani
TYPE Trending Viral News

Rakhi Sawant Boyfriend Adil Khan

Adil and Rakhi both are from the television industry one is an entrepreneur, actor, and television personality person and another is an actress, model, and influencer respectively. However, Everyone says Adil Khan Became more famous after getting married to her girlfriend Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi Sawant is a popular model as well as an actress. She started her journey at a very early age, not only that she is also an influencer from whom she got in touch with Adil Khan.

So, Adil Khan is a Television Personality actor, and influencer but he reached out and became a Google search person after marrying Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi changed her name to Fatima from Rakhi to marry Adil as he was Muslim and to make a strong bond together.  They recently got married in May 2022.

Revealing Adil Khan’s Relationship and Kids

Adil Khan is an actor in the television industry. He has a pair with Rakhi Sawant, they got married in May 2022. Research said that Adil Khan is an actor and influencer and got to know about Rakhi Sawant through Shelly, she is a friend of Rakhi Sawant. She was purchasing a car from which they got to meet together and started chatting and this is how it began. The search result says that they don’t have kids yet. We are also assuming that they still don’t have any kind otherwise Rakhi would have posted on Social media.

Know More About Adil Khan’s Religion and the Controversy

Adil Khan belongs to a Muslim family, Rakhi is also known for his personality. Not only that there is some controversy that occurred with them together. One of a controversy was s allegation launched by Rakhi against her husband Adil. She is claiming that Adil Khan recorded her nude video while Adil Khan also claimed against her allegation that Rakhi Sawant recorded his nude video on a video call.

Revealing Adil Khan’s Family & Nationality

Adil Khan is not a single child of his father, he also has a sister named Shelly Lather. Shelly Lather helped Adil Khan to meet with Rakhi Sawant. Adil Khan’s father’s name was Mr. Durrani and his mother was Mumtaz Durrani. His nationality was Indian and from an Islamic family.

Disclosing Adil Khan’s Professional Career

Adil Khan is well-known in terms of business. He managed 2 to 3 businesses such as Streetcars Premium, automobile, and an ice cream shop called DezertLab. He started his business at Streetcars Premium as a managing director and, after that, an Automobile company. In the end, In 2018, Adil Khan’s wife Rakhi loved to eat ice cream that’s why opened an ice cream shop ” DezertLab ” in Mumbai because they are currently living in Mumbai.

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