Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan Bio (Bigg Boss OTT), Net Worth, Age, Height, Family:- Abhishek Malhan is an Indian Youtuber and content creator. He is popularly known as ‘Fukra Insaan’. Abhishek Malhan is the most popular Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestant. He is the first finalist of Bigg Boss OTT 2. In this article, we’ll talk about Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan’s Biography (Wiki) along with his personal details like age, height, weight, brother, family, and net worth. For more details, keep on reading this post ahead.

Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan Bio – Overview

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Name  Abhishek Malhan (Fukra Insaan)
Profession Indian Youtuber
Age  26 years
Date of Birth May 24, 1997
Birth Place Delhi
Education Graduation in Commerce (Delhi University)
Youtube Channel Fukra Insaan (74.7 lakh subscribers)
  • Jaguar F-Pace
  • Tata Harrier
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 80 kg
Father Vinay Malhan
Mother Dimple Malhan
Brother Nischay Malhan (Triggered Insaan)
Sister Prerna Malhan
Net Worth $ 1.5 Million

About Youtuber Abhishek Malhan a.k.a. Fukra Insaan

Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan is an Indian Youtuber and content creator. He makes content related to food challenges, entertainment, roasting, vlogs, and many more. He is the younger brother of Nischay Malhan aka Triggered Insaan. Abhishek has around 74.7 lakh subscribers on Youtube.

Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan Bio (Bigg Boss OTT), Net Worth, Age, Height, Family

So, Fukra Insaan did his schooling at Lancer’s Convent School, Delhi. Later, he did his bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Delhi University. His father is Vinay Malhan, a businessman, and his mother is Dimple Malhan, she has a Youtube channel as Dimple’s Kitchen. Recently, Dimple Ji, came to the Bigg Boss house to meet Abhishek. Abhishek is also an elder sister Prerna Malhan, she also has a Youtube channel. Everyone in the Malhan family has a Youtube channel except the father, Vinay Malhan.

Fukra Insaan in Bigg Boss OTT 2

Recently, Abhishek Malhan entered Bigg Boss OTT 2 house as a contestant. The audience is loving him in the game. He had gained huge popularity and love from the show. After so many months in the Bigg Boss house, Abhishek Malhan became the first finalist of Bigg Boss OTT 2. The Finale of Bigg Boss OTT 2 is going to happen on August 14, 2023. There are other contestants like Elvish Yadav, Manisha Rani, and Pooja Bhatt in the race of the Bigg Boss finale.

Abhishek Malhan Age & Height

Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan was born on May 24, 1997, in the Malhan family. He is 26 years old in 2023. Abhishek is always complimented because of his height. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs around 80 kg. Abhishek is fond of traveling and bodybuilding. He has a great physique.

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Abhishek Malhan Career

Abhishek is a full-time YouTuber who began his YouTube journey in 2019. He has received over 60 million views across all of his videos combined. He is also an entrepreneur, rapper, and singer. Fukra Insaan is the name of Abhishek’s first YouTube channel, while his second YouTube Channel is named Fukra Insan Live.

He has more than 200 videos posted on his channel and 5.65 million subscribers, each of which is unique. Therefore, he only uses his stuff to create new videos. Fukra Insaan made his musical debut in Big Life (2021) and has produced several notable music videos like Tum Mere (2021), Rahan (2022), Din te Raat (2023), Tum Mere 2 (2023), and several others. He has collaborated with famous YouTubers Carry Minati and Ashish Chanchalani to create his videos.

He stated in one of the interviews that he had always aspired to be a businessman. Abhishek has also revealed that he had started a company named ‘Mr Bond’ during college. But he eventually closed his business in 2021.

He provides his original content in different genres like challenges, gaming, and prank videos. In 2023, he and his brother Nischay Malhan appeared on the famous YouTube Talk show ‘The Thugesh Show’. Two of Abhishek’s YouTube play buttons are silver, and two are golden.

Abhishek Malhan Family

Malhan family is famous for their Youtube channels. Everyone in the family has a Youtube channel except Abhishek’s father. His father’s name is Vinay Malhan, a businessman based in Delhi. His mother’s name is Dimple Malhan, she runs a Youtube channel called Dimple’s Kitchen. Abhishek has two elder siblings, Nischay Malhan aka Triggered Insaan, and Prerna Malhan. Abhishek has a lovely and supportive family.

Fukra Insaan Net Worth

The estimated Net worth of Abhishek Malhan is around Rs $1.1 Million (around Rs. 10 crore,). He earns money from YouTube and by producing music videos. Abhishek earns around Rs 1-2 lakhs from a single video, and he is estimated to make around 10 lakh rupees in a month. Moreover, he also makes money by promoting some products on his social medial handles.

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