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Abdul Kareem Telgi, One of the biggest counterfeiters in the history of India came into the limelight after India’s Biggest stamp scam came at the limelight in the end of the 19th century. Abdul KarimTelgi was born in Karnataka in a family of railway employees. His father died when he was young and he was brought up by his mother Shariefabee Ladsaab Telgi. The young boy Telgi himself paid for his schooling at Sarvodaya Vidhyalaya Khanapur by selling fruits on the train. Later he moved to Saudi Arabia and came back to India after some time. Let’s have details about Abdul Karim Telgi’, Daughter, Wife, and Death Reason Property in this blog.

Abdul Karim Telgi Biography

Abdul Karim Telgi was born on 29 July 1961. His family was living in Khanapur, Belgaum, Karnataka. His father was working with Indian Railways before he died when Telagi was young. He was brought up by his mother. Their family became very poor after the death of his father. At a young age, he started selling fruit and vegetables to fulfill the needs of his family and education. He has done his schooling at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Khanapur, and graduated from Goget College of Commerce Belgaum, Karnataka. Later at a young age, he moved to Saudi Arabia for employment.

Abdul Karim Telgi Biography

He moved to Mumbai after graduation and started working with a Manpower agent for Gulf country. He also moved to Saudi Arabia, came back to Mumbai and started his own manpower firm under the Arabian Metro Travels. Here his hunger for earning money decreased and he started making fake immigration papers for Gulf Countries. For almost 3 years he worked as a manpower supplier to Gulf Countries and later he moved into the business of making counterfeit stamp papers. The counterfeiting of the stamp papers gave him lots of money.

Abdul Karim Telgi Biography- Overview

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Complete Name Abdul Karim Telgi
Nick Name Karim Lala
Father’s Name NA
Mother’s Name Shariefabee Ladsaab Telgi
Date of Birth 29 July 1961
Place of Birth Khanapur, Belgaum, Karnataka
Famous for Stamp Paper Scam
Wife’s Name Shahida Telgi
Daughter’s Name Sana
Died 23 Oct 2017
Place of Death Bengaluru Central Jail
 immovable properties worth is Rs 100 crore

Abdul Kareem Telgi & Stamp Paper Scam

Abdul Karim Telagi started his journey with fake immigration paper making. Later he secured the license of selling the stamp paper with his political approach in Mumbai. In 1994 just after started selling stamp paper under the government license life turned. As being an expert in making fake immigration papers he thought selling the fake stamp papers and the counterfeit stamp papers increased his fraud income. He expanded his business to other states of the country and earned crores of money by selling fake stamp papers.

He became very famous by the nickname Karim Lala in Mumbai city. The business of counterfeit stamp paper was supported by some political leaders and police officials in the government. Suddenly he became very famous all over India for raining 93 lakh rupees on a bar dancer in Mumbai. This incident attracted the media and some of the media reporters started following him. Mumbai police arrested him for the forgery case in 2001 and Later he was declared the mastermind of the Stam Paper Scam worth 25 Crores. He was booked under several sections of the IPC and sent to Jail. He died in 2017 in the Bengaluru Jail.

Abdul Karim Telgi Wife

Shahida Telgi, His wife is still alive and living in an unknown place in India. She was shifted from the house after the arrest and imprisonment sentence of Telgi by the Mumbai High Court. After his death, Shahida Telgi requested the government of Karnataka to take his all property as punishment for his crime.

Abdul Karim Telgi Daughter

His daughter is also living in India but her mother kept her away from the media and other public activities. Generally, both mother and daughter kept themselves away from the eye of the public. We don’t have any other authentic information about the daughter of Abdul Karim Telagi.

Abdul Karim Telgi Death reason

He was in Bengaluru jail since 2003 and spent her entire life behind bars for Stamp Paper Scam. Although, lots of political personality of Maharashtra and Police official was linked with this scam he only got punished for this scam. According to the news he was suffering from Diabetes and hypertension. He died at the age of 56 in the jail.

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