15 August Parade Tickets 2024, Entry Pass Price & Timings

India’s Independence Day is celebrated with great pride and enthusiasm every year. Independence Day is celebrated on August 15 every year in every part of India. Each state, government body, schools, and institute celebrate this day in its way. But the main event is organized at the capital of India, Delhi. A three-hour program is held at the Red Fort in Delhi, with so many activities like state culture parades, military parades, flag hosting, and many more. Many people enjoy the event at their homes watching the program live on TV.

15 August Parade Tickets 2024

Many people like to experience the event live at th:e Red Fort, Delhi. A large number of people visit the Red Fort to attend the 15th August parade in Delhi. If you are also planning to visit the event, in this article, we’ll provide every detail about how you can Book tickets for Independence Day Parade. We’ll provide details about Parade tickets for 2024 Independence Day.

15 August Tickets Booking

Key Highlights: Independence Day Ticket Price 2024 parade in Delhi

Article   15 August Independence Day Parade
Name of the Day Independence Day
Date 15th August
First Time Celebration on 15th August 1947
Venue Red Fort, New Delhi
Country India
Reason for Celebration Freedom from Great Britain
Flag Hoisting by Prime Minister of India
Timings 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Ticket Booking Mode Online
Official Website www.mod.gov.in

15th August Parade in Delhi

Watching the Independence Day parade is a pride of every Indian citizen. When the Prime Minister hosts the India Flag (Tiranga) with flowers coming down, it gives a great feeling of nationalism. Watching the parades of every state with its diversified cultures gives me immense pleasure. The parade by all three defense units: Army, Navy, and Airforce with their daring stunts on land and sky is astonishing. Fighter planes making tri-color (orange, white and green) smoke in the air is just a memorable experience for the viewers.

All this celebration of Independence that we celebrate today started on 15th August 1947, when India got its independence from Britain. From that day till today, every citizen of India celebrates this day with pride and enthusiasm. The parade and event are organized at Red Fort, New Delhi every year. The Prime Minister of India hosts the flag of India. This year we are celebrating 77 years of independence. Last year, we completed 75 years of independence, which was called Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. The 78th Independence Day 2024 will be celebrated with the same pride this year too.

The event starts at 9’o clock in the morning with a flag hosted by the Prime Minister of India and the National Anthem followed by it. after that, a parade session starts on the Jan Path. Every state presents a parade of its state consisting of culture, dance, and traditions. After that, the defense parade is held with daring stunts on the land as well as in the air. The whole event is LIVE on TV for every citizen of the country to witness. In the end, the Prime Minister gives a closing speech to address the nation.

Procedure To Book Tickets for Independence Day Parade 2024

You can witness the whole event live by attending the event at the Red Fort in Delhi. You can book the tickets online on the official website. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the official website of the Defence Ministry, www.mod.gov.in
  • Search for Online Ticket Booking for Independence Day 2024. 
  • Click on the tab and a new tab will open.
  • The new page will be open and ask for the required information like name, contact details, and number of tickets.
  • Upload your required documents for verification.
  • After that, select the number of tickets and category.
  • Make the payment for the selected tickets.
  • Take a print out or you’ll receive a message on your phone for the tickets to show at the time of the entrance.

Red Fort Parade Ticket Prices

If you are planning to visit the Red Fort Parade, you should book the tickets online in advance. You can follow the steps given above to book tickets. The online tickets are available two days before the main event. When it comes to prices, there are three categories of tickets. The first is Rs. 20/- per person, the second one is Rs. 100/- per person, and the third one is Rs. 500/- per person. The tickets are limited, so book your tickets as soon as possible.

Category Prices
Category 1 Rs. 20/- per person
Category 2 Rs. 100/- per person
Category 3 Rs. 500/- per person

Timings for Independence Day 2024 Parade

The time for the Independence Day event is from 9:00 Am to 12:00 PM. All the visitors should be present before 8:30 at the venue i.e. the Red Fort. At exactly 9’o clock flag hosting ceremony will take place. To book your tickets, the tickets will be available two days before the event at 7:00 at the counter of the Red Fort.


Q.1 What are the timings for Independence Day 2024 parade?
Ans. The parade will be held from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM on 15th August 2024.

Q.2 Where will the Independence Day 2024 be celebrated?
Ans. Independence Day 2024 will be celebrated at the Red Fort, New Delhi in India.

Q.3 Who will be hosting the National Flag on Independence Day 2024?
Ans. Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India will be hosting the National Flag on Independence Day 2024.

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